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Welcome to Blue-in-Green:RADIO, a brand new internet radio station focusing on 21st century soul, jazz and funk music.

Broadcasting non-stop, quality soul music 24/7, we'd love for you to join us on our journey of discovering new music and perhaps uncover new and independent gems together.

Listen to us here or through iTunesTuneIn, Streema, Dirble and Streamitter.
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Liberation's Frequency (every day, various times)
A definitive selection of funk, soul and jazz music playing everyday.  Updated weekly, the musical selection aims to be diverse and innovative and focus on the best new and independent music.
Get To Know... (Mondays 5-6pm and 7-8pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
This podcast series has run for a few years and we're proud to be able to rebrand and repackage it exclusively for this station. Each week we'll focus on a new producer, musician and writer and present an hour-long show focusing on their work for other artists. The GetToKnow format has now been extended to include record labels whose catalogue we delve in to for 60 minutes. (Episodes from the previous series can be accessed via the "Mixes & Podcasts" tab at the top of the page.)
Eclectic Beats (Mondays 7-9pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
Presented by Rui Fradinho whose musical base stems from a diverse range of music: rock to pop, house to techno, jazz, soul, funk, world music, hip-hop, drum & bass and from breakbeat to his main passion and current music production focus, broken beat/nu-jazz.
Portugese-born and living in London since 2008, Rui learnt keyboards at 7, started collecting vinyl at 13 and by 16 became a six-year resident DJ at Sociedade Anonima club in Portugal.  He then moved into playing keys and drums in a variety of bands and is now creating music for his forthcoming record label – Eclectic beats Music.
Ride the Vibe (Every Monday, 7-8pm, check schedule below for subsequent replays)
Coming to us from San Jose, California, Ride The Vibe delivers an hour-long mix of soulful house and nu-soul tracks beautifully mixed by the First Lady of Blue-in-Green:RADIO, DJ Rhonnie Rhon.  (Click here to check out more mixes by DJ Rhonnie Rhon)

The 30minute Mix (Tuesdays 5-6pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
Two thirty minute music-only mixes focusing on a single artist, theme or genre.  A great way to get to know new artists or celebrate some of your favourites.
Nu-Skool Soul (Tuesdays 6-8pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
Playing an eclectic mishmash of contemporary R&B, neo-soul, nu-soul and hip-hop inspired music.

20th Century Soul (Wednesdays 6-8pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
A two-hour playlist of classic and connoisseur soul. Some you may know and some you may not but it's a diverse selection of soul, jazz and funk from 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
The Blue-in-Green Sessions (Thursdays 4-6pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
This is the ten-year-old radio show that spawned the radio station you're listening to now. As with the station, it's always been the focus of this show to focus on new, undiscovered and independent soul, jazz and funk music so tune in and see if we can hip you to something you haven't heard before. Each week we feature an album of the week and an artist of the week showcase as well.
Music For Modern Living (Second Thursday of every month, 6-8pm; check schedule below for subsequent replays)
UK-born but now residing in Canberra, Australia, Nigel Gentry presents two hours showcasing the delights of contemporary funk and soul along with some 60s and northern soul tracks too.  Music long championed by Nigel through his years as a DJ and through his excellent website

Confessions of A Curly Mind (Fortnightly Fridays, 6-8pm, check schedule below for subsequent replays)
From the curly mind of the genius that is Melbourne Australia's Mista Vee.  A fantastic trip that's as likely to celebrate 90s R&B as it is the very best in contemporary and nu-soul.  He's a writer, he's a musician and we're thrilled he's bestowing his talents onto us - Vahe's shows spotlighting the work of his heroes continues to grow in acclaim and are as extensive a collection as anyone could piece together.  Genuinely nothing like it anywhere! Should you require proof however - you can tune in to all five hours of the Maxwell epic exploring the b-sides, remixes and rarities...

90s State of Mind (every Sunday, all day)
Every Sunday will find us in a 90s State of Mind where we bask in the brilliance of 90s soul, jazz and R&B.
At midday (and then repeated at 7pm), we host our themed mixes entitled The Show, The After Party, The Hotel...  The Show hosts our exclusive 30-min mixes, revolving around a different 90s icon; The After Party features an hour-long mix of 90s hip-hop mixed by a revolving door of DJs; The Hotel sees us close out with an hour of 90s slow jams.  (If you'd like us to host your 90s hip-hop mix, please email here.)
Frequency Liberated (every day, various times)
Originally starting life on Blue-in-Green:RADIO as an hour-long mix on a Saturday night, Frequency Liberatednow finds itself firmly embedded into our playlists by appearing at different times throughout every day.  Lots of excellent nu-soul, electronic, alternative and soulful house numbers that we couldn't constrict to just one hour.



Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz and funk played throughout the night with archive shows running at 2am
7-9am: The Blue-in-Green Sessions (rerun from the previous Thursday)
9-11am: Music For Modern Living (rerun from the previous Thursday; rerun airs third Monday of the month)
11am-1pm: Liberation's Frequency
1-3pm: 20th Century Soul (rerun from the previous Wednesday)
3-5pm: Frequency Liberated

5-6pm: GetToKnow...
6-7pm: GetToKnow...

7-9pm: Eclectic Beats
9-10pm: Ride The Vibe
10pm-midnight: Liberation's Frequency


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz, funk and nu-soul played throughout the night with archive shows running at 2am
7-9am: 20th Century Soul (rerun from the previous Wednesday)
9am-12pm: Liberation's Frequency
12-1pm: The 30minute Mix (rerun from previous Thursday)
1-3pm: The Blue-in-Green Sessions (rerun from previous Thursday)
3-5pm: Liberation's Frequency
5-6pm: The 30minute Mix (x2)
6-8pm: Nu-Skool Soul

8-9pm: Bonus Mixes & Open Mics
9pm-midnight: Liberation's Frequency


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz and funk played throughout the night with archive shows running at 2am
7-8am: GetToKnow... (rerun from Monday)
GetToKnow... (rerun from Monday)
9-10am: Ride The Vibe (rerun from Monday)
10am-12pm: Eclectic Beats (rerun from the previous Monday)
12-1pm: The 30minute Mix (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
1-3pm: Nu-Skool Soul (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
3-4pm: Bonus Mixes & Open Mics (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
4-6pm: Liberation's Frequency
6-8pm: 20th Century Soul

8-11pm: The Show (8pm), The After Party (9pm), The Hotel (10pm) (rerun from Sunday)
11pm-midnight: Liberation's Frequency


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz, funk and nu-soul played throughout the night with archive shows running at 2am
7-9am: Confessions Of A Curly Mind (rerun from the previous Friday) / Archive show
9am-1pm: Liberation's Frequency
1-2pm: GetToKnow... (rerun from previous Monday)
GetToKnow... (rerun from previous Monday)
3-4pm: Ride The Vibe (rerun from previous Monday)
4-6pm: The Blue-in-Green Sessions
6-8pm: Music For Modern Living (airs second Thursday of every month) / The 30minute Mix (x2) (6-7pm)
7/8pm-midnight: Liberation's Frequency


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz and funk played throughout the night with archive shows running at 2am
7-9am: Nu-Skool Soul (rerun from Tuesday)
9-10am: The 30minute Mix (x2) (rerun from Tuesday)

10-11am: Bonus Mixes & Open Mics (rerun from Tuesday)
11am-1pm: Liberation's Frequency
1-3pm: Eclectic Beats (rerun from Monday)
3-6pm: Frequency Liberated
6-10pm: Confessions Of A Curly Mind / Archive show
10pm-midnight: The Blue-in-Green Sessions (rerun from Thursday)


Catch up on all the shows you missed or would love to hear again from the week before.


24 hours of a '90s State of Mind' with 90s R&B, soul and jazz played throughout the day.

Midday & 7pm: The Show
1pm & 8pm: The After Party
2pm & 9pm: The Hotel

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