Thursday 4 April 2013

31st March 2013 +

This post is inspired from the particularly excellent show I had last Sunday – had such an excellent time, had some lovely feedback and played some fantastic tunes.  So enthralled with it I was, I’ve included the playlist below:

'The Crossing' - Menahan Street Band
'Jonny' - Gizelle Smith
'Faithful Man' - Lee Fields & The Expressions
'So Much Love' - Laura Vane & The Vipertones
'Give It To Me Right' [Randy Watson Experience Remix] - Melanie Fiona
'All That' [Natural Self Remix] - Lizzy Parks
'Black Sweat' - Prince
'Hopeless Romantic' - Raheem DeVaughn
'Love Beat' [Nicola Conte Remix] - Yoshinori Sunahara
'You Were Made For Me' - Lalah Hathaway
'Washed Up' - Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers
'Where Is All The Money Going' - Cody ChesnuTT
'Call Up To Heaven' [Smoove Remix] - Kraak & Smaak f/t Lex Empress
'Changes' - Kylie Auldist
'The Little You Say' - The Revolution of St Vincent
'Come On Over' - Breakestra f/t Afrodyete
'Sho Nuff' - Sly, Slick & Wicked

2from1 @ 9: Saunders Sermons

AlbumOfTheWeek: 'No Beginning No End' by Jose James

The show also featured a 2from1 from trombonist/vocalist, Saunders Sermons, who I’m such a big fan of, and as part of this blog’s collection of archive articles and interviews from our former site, Liberation Frequency, I’ve also recently posted up an interview I carried out with Saunders from July 2010, following the release of his debut album ‘Classic Delight’.  I remember a popular response from people when they read the article was ‘it’s a bit short’ – that’s because as genuinely nice a guy he is, he comes off as really shy and didn’t give anywhere near as much info as I desired (haha), but I’m confident it’s a good read nonetheless.  If you’re unfamiliar with the name, you probably already have music by him – he plays trombone all over Maxwell’s ‘BLACKsummer’snight’,and joined him for the accompanying tour, and also contributed trombone duties to Jose James’s ‘Black Magic’ along with several songs on the recent Chris Dave mixtape which we tout here, and on the show, regularly.

Speaking of Jose James, his ‘No Beginning No End’ album finally made the cut as this week’s AlbumOfTheWeek with songs played throughout the show.  As a treat, we’ve just discovered a brand new remix of ‘Trouble’ by producer .B!, and the free download of said remix is available for your… downloading pleasure right here.
As a further update to the show, you can expect first plays of music from Laura Mvula (from her album ‘Sing to the Moon’) who we discussed in a previous post – finally got round to purchasing that album!.  We’ll also be adding music from the new Truth & Soul release, Lady, which has created such a buzz.  (I’ve yet to hear a single note from that album but will be listening to it start-to-finish in exactly four hours from the time of writing this, so fingers crossed it’s as awesome as I’m hoping!); Final release to note is the brand new one from Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, ‘Tortured Soul’ – their first album, ‘Keep Reachin Up’ (2005) is a personal classic of mine, and I really started to doubt we’d ever get the follow-up so can’t wait to start playing songs from that one too.

Our next AlbumOfTheWeek is courtesy of The Menahan Street Band’s sophomore release, ‘The Crossing’ (to be aired Sunday 14th April), and eventually followed by the albums mentioned above over the next few weeks/months.

Remember, you can catch The Blue-in-Green Sessions every Sunday morning, 8-10am GMT on, and catch a repeat of the show Thursday night (/Friday morning), 1-3am GMT.

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