Tuesday 21 May 2013

Nicole Willis [bonus]

We’ve had such good feedback to our Nicole Willis feature interview – still amazed that she’s now officially a part of this site – and we’ve managed to secure just that little bit of extra info from her regarding the new album she has with husband and now business partner, Jimi Tenor.  Following that, from the current album by Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, check out the amazing 'Time To Get Business Straight':

We are mastering this week and about to release it on our own label Herakles Records. At the moment we are releasing digital and CD. Title; Enigmatic. If these do well we would look to release vinyl.

The genre I'm calling House Revival. It's largely influenced by by 1990's Deep House. I thought to make our own genre "house revival" to set it apart from contemporary house music and we use warm elements but it is mainly electronic music.

Finally, ending on a wonderful bit of news to whet all of our appetites.  We’ve just secured interview time with Sy Smith so keep checking back here over the next few weeks for that Blue-in-Green exclusive.

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