Tuesday 13 May 2014

It's Coming Up Again

So I'm on season 1, episode 4, of Fargo - cool show by the way!  Anyway, to bring you up to speed... Lester Nygaard gets kidnapped by two men who suspect him of murder; as they're about to kill him by throwing him in a freezing lake, he manages to escape and, in a bid for security, punches a policeman on the nose in the hopes of being arrested.  (Lester's not as innocent as he may seem which is why he can't just come out and tell the cop that he's being chased by two men who want to kill him.)  So, as hoped, he gets arrested.

The two kidnappers though, both blaming each other for Lester managing to escape, end up having a huge brawl in a local bar, which in turn gets them arrested and taken away by the police. As Lester sits all alone in in his holding cell, thankful of not having been frozen in ice, who should be escorted in by the police...?  You guessed it, the brawling kidnappers.


All alone in a cell with two dudes who want to kill you.

Picture that scene if you will: you're Lester, the men have been brought in, the policeman has now walked off... what one song would encapsulate that "Oh s##t!" moment...

Now I'm thinking "To hell with Lester, who's singing this!?"  This fantastic piece of gospel-infused funk is courtesy of The Relatives - a trio of singers formed in 1970 and who have just had their debut release issued by Yep Roc Records, 2013.

The album release 'The Electric Word' is now crazy high on my 'to buy' list but I wanted to leave you guys with this excellent piece while I catch up too.

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