Wednesday 25 June 2014

Blue-in-Green Podcast#6: GetToKnow_Prince

Episode 6 of our 'get to know' the producer series focuses on the immeasurable talent of Prince and, more specifically, his production/writing/musicianship for other artists.  As I say on the show, this is bar far the most intimidated I could be in putting one of these shows together as Prince fans are dedicated, loyal and you have to work pretty hard to impress us so this better be good!  Well, hopefully it is - we've tried to steer clear of the usual suspects in regards to Prince affiliations (Wendy & Lisa, Sheila E, The Family, etc) and hopefully there are a few unexpected gems we've managed to squeeze in.

Although this is Episode 6 of the producer series, I'm also looking at this one as something of a Part 1 as regards a potential trilogy of Prince shows, hopefully extending it to live shows and another on Prince cover versions as well.

As regards this series though, we still have a number of producers we want to focus on, including Jay Dee (J Dilla), Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Eric Krasno, Casey Benjamin, and our long-awaited Part 2 of Raphael Saadiq productions too!

Click the 'Mixes and downloads' tag at the bottom for the complete list of previous episodes or alternatively, feel free to visit our SoundCloud page for more downloadable treats/mixes/goodies.  Your time, thoughts and feedback is always appreciated!

Feel free to listen/download/share/critique/etc below: 
'Get it Up' - The Time
'Paris 1798430' - Tevin Campbell
'The Most Beautiful Boy in the World' - Mayte
'The Greatest Romance Ever Sold' - Maceo Parker
'So What the Fuss' - Stevie Wonder
'Can't Keep Living Alone' - Tamar Davis
'Baby Love' [live] - Shelby J & the New Power Generation
'Q.U.E.E.N.' [Prince Remix] - Janelle Monae f/t Erykah Badu
'Superconductor' - Andy Allo
'Elixer' - Bria Valente f/t Prince

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