Thursday 20 August 2015

What I'm listening to... (August 2015)

'Dear Simone' by Jacob Banks
Kicking this feature off with a heckuva great song by Jacob Banks - this one comes from his 2013 (digital-only) release, 'The Monologue', and is a great introduction to this UK talent.  There's actually a 2015 release called 'The Paradox' as well so if you're new to Jacob Banks, you'll need to act quickly before you fall too far behind.  (Quick warning that as excellent as this song is, he does get a little free and easy with the F-bombs in the second half of the song so be warned if you're not too keen on that kind of thing.)

'Take Care' by Nasimiyu
I love the history of this song so let's try and run through it as briefly as possible...
In 2010, Gil Scott-Heron put out his final album entitled 'I'm New Here', and the album featured a song called "I'll Take Care of You"... The following year, Jamie xx (from the band the alt-electronic/indie band, The xx) remixed the whole album (subsequently entitled 'We're New Here') and presented a standout version of "I'll Take Care of You"... Hip-hopper Drake went on to cover the remixed version, which featured Rihanna, and called the track, "Take Care"... Drake's version went on to receive its own plaudits and has even been covered by Florence + The Machine, but in our case here and now, we're focusing on Nasimiyu's acoustic covering of the song which was uploaded to SoundCloud a month ago.

Nasimiyu (who we've featured in this segment before) actually uploaded acoustic covers of the entire album that this song comes from (guess she's a Drake fan?!) and the best thing is the fact that she's kindly included that glorious little "download" button so feel free to check the song out and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself :)

'Darling' by Sherryl Bako
Here's a brand new song - again about a month old - from Sherryl Bako.  She's only rocking her single at the moment and there's the hope that an EP will be ready by the end of the year.  You can purchase this through her Bandcamp page and hope you will feel compelled to do so...

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