Wednesday 6 January 2016

What I'm listening to... (January 2016)

Happy New Year all!  All of our extensive 2015 wrap-up posts are all now complete so let's kick things back into gear with a few things that have caught my attention and were not 2015 related...

'Hello' by Andy Allo
Our last one of these articles (November 2015) featured a cover of Adele's new song as sang by Joe, which is exceptional, but another has now surfaced that's totally grabbed our attention and it's by Andy Allo.  She very much makes this version her own - with a nice sprinkle of (90s) R&B thrown into the production.  If you're not completely tired of having heard Adele sing this "a thousand times" [see what happened there?] then this version is definitely worth a listen.  Click that download link too!

'Norwegian Wood' by Cecilia Stalin & Khari Cabral Simmons
I had waited a while now to hear the follow-up to Khari Cabral Simmons' debut album, 'Clementine Sun', and this has definitely been worth the wait... 'The Story of Love' sees the bassist and producer hook up with Swedish soul vocalist, Cecilia Stalin, for this 4-track gem of an EP, available from Bandcamp.  There's no weak spots here so let's go with their cover of The Beatles' 'Norwegian Wood'...

'Jazz in Motion' by Yusef Rumperfield
Heavy on the use of samples and hip-hop influences, this broken beat jazz record makes for a dreamy and hugely enjoyable listen.   Audio samples are a little scarce so visit the Bandcamp page to get a real feel for what the album's all about.  You won't be sorry.

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