Monday 29 February 2016

What I'm listening to... (February 2016)

'The Greatest' by King
Introduced to many through Robert Glasper's 'Black Radio' album in 2012, featuring on the song 'Move Love'... throw in a co-sign from Prince and you could say anticipation was very high for this R&B trio's debut album.  Fans have finally been rewarded with the lengthy wait: the release of 'We Are King' came last month and was everything fans had been hoping for.  Released independently, through Bandcamp, the album has been heaped with praise so check out the official video for 'The Greatest'.

'Don't Explain' by Cassandra Wilson
Last year would have been Billie Holiday's 100th birthday and devoted artists and fans opted to mark the occasion with tribute albums each paying homage to the works of Lady Day.  Jose James delivered 'Yesterday I Had The Blues', Rebecca Ferguson released 'Lady Sings The Blues', and Cassandra Wilson bestowed upon us 'Coming Forth By Day'.  Cassandra Wilson's efforts were incredible.  An inspired pairing saw Wilson hooking up with Nick Cave's producer, Nick Launay, which birthed a truly unique and haunting project.

'Who They Wish I Was' by Christian Scott
By complete chance I stumbled on to this song which, thankfully, led me to Christian Scott's double-album 'aTunde Adjuah'.  Released in 2012 through Concord Music, trumpeter Scott has a superb release here.  Anything I say can only ruin it, so just have a listen to this excellent song...

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