Wednesday 18 May 2016

What I'm listening to... (May 2016)

Well, the immediate answer of what I've been listening to over the past few weeks is a steady flow of Prince records... Yes, I'm doing no better with dealing with that news at all, so aside from 'Sign O'The Times', 'Purple Rain', 'For You', 'Crystal Ball' and numerous other albums and songs, I have managed to extend my musical therapy with a few other sounds that I was keen to put your way...

'Into Forever' by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra featuring Josephine Oniyama
Stumbled onto this one by chance and I'm very happy that I did.  This is an excellent song - the title track from an excellent album which really captures more of what this song delivers.  Make sure you check out this video because the visuals are brilliant.

'Fascinating, Devastating Man' by Eleanore Mills
This comes from one of two Soul Brothers reissues that the label will be riding high with this year: This Is Eleanore Mills.  It was a complete toss-up as to which of the albums I'd highlight here so it's only right that we name check Eramus Hall's Your Love is My Desire as well.  Pick up both for some classic connoisseur soul.

'Luvlite' by Hidden Jazz Quartet featuring Bajka
Hidden Jazz Quartet are doing well this year following the release of their 'Raw and Cooked' album which is generating a solid buzz.  Apart from this track, highlights also come in the form of the Omar-assisted 'High Heels' which is a great northern soul-esque number.

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