Monday 20 June 2016

'The Reflex Revisions' by Henri-Pierre Noel [Review]

Aside from their already talent-heavy roster, encapsulated by artists like Bev Lee Harling, the Gene Dudley Group and The Milk, London-based record label Wah Wah 45s can now proudly champion the bygone treasures of Haitian jazz-funk pianist Henri-Pierre Noel.

Initially granted a limited release of ‘Piano’ in 1979 and ‘One More Step’ in 1980, Wah Wah’s 2012 reissues have done more than just unearth those gems for prospective new fans… they’ve gone that step further and breathed new life into some of his compositions which is where French DJ and producer, The Reflex, comes in…

Tackling four tracks from Noel’s catalogue, The Reflex (famed for his own Reflex Revisions series) possesses the ability to take these songs in numerous different directions but respectfully, Henri-Pierre Noel’s skill on the ivories is still very much the focal point within these reworkings.  While Noel’s originals already leant heavily towards incorporating sounds from jazz and funk along with heavy doses of Latin flavours, The Reflex adds just the right amount of disco into the mix to make these worthy floor-fillers.

While these four “Revisions” serve to enhance anyone’s 2016 music collection, I would still urge listeners to explore the back catalogue of Henri-Pierre Noel, thankfully now fully available from Wah Wah 45s and embrace the jazz-funk that even after nearly 40 years later, sounds as fresh and dynamic as it would have done upon its release.

Henri-Pierre Noel : The Reflex Revisions
01: Funky Spider Dance (The Reflex Revision) (07:01)
02: A Fifth of Beethoven (The Reflex Revision) (07:29)
03: Back Home... Sweet Home (The Reflex Revision) (07:29)
04: Diskette (The Reflex Revision)

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