Tuesday 11 October 2016

'Afrokraut' by David Nesselhauf [Review]

If you consider yourself a fan of musical creativity and gravitate to artists offering you that little something distinctive and unique, then hopefully the recent efforts of David Nesselhauf won't be wasted on you.

As far as musical creativity goes, it's fair to say that Nesselhauf's new album, 'Afrokraut', ranks up amongst the most distinctive thing we've heard in quite some time.

Before we get to the album itself, if the phrase 'krautrock' is new to you then some background would probably help in this situation... Krautrock is a term used to describe a short-lived genre of music that thrived in Germany in the late-1960s: the music drew from a variety of genres including psychedlic rock, avant-garde electronic music, funk, jazz and world music styles, and was popularised by bands like Faust and Tangerine Dream.  So fast-forward to a little over some forty years and David Nesselhauf's inspiring efforts to revisit and build on an experimental fusion of African music and German rock.

The producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist delivers thirteen tracks through Legere Recordings that push the boundaries of what you thought contemporary funk could deliver: Kinga Lizz and Kabul Atassi appear on the album stealer 'Open Up!' but highlights slso come in many of the songs including the album's first single, 'Come Along Bintang Bolong' featuring Amadou Bah on vocals.

It's exciting that 'Afrokraut' could birth like-minded projects from Nesselhauf or even other artists that are inspired by the music here.  Either way, there's a truly exciting project to be heard here and worthy of your time.

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