Wednesday 21 December 2016

'Voodoo Jazz' / 'Watusi Fever' by Dem Juju Poets

Finding a new home on France's Krimi Records, David Hanke - the German DJ and producer famed for his extensive work, including that of over one hundred remixes, under the moniker of Renegades of Jazz - now forges ahead with the next step of his musical evolution... Dem Juju Poets.

The new signing is a huge coup for DJ Krimi's French record label, Krimi Records (the off-shoot label from his online radio station, Krimi Radio); the relatively young label with a rapidly-growing catalogue already boasts releases from Andy Cooper, Doc TMK and Mister-Frenchwax and previous work with Renegades of Jazz on his remix of Emskee & Doc TMK's 'Sound of the SP' earlier in 2016.

The brand new 45 and digital release presents Dem Juju Poets' take on dancefloor-driven afro-funk through the singles 'Voodoo Jazz' and 'Watusi Fever', the latter of which features the musician and producer Hugo Kant on flute.

The release is a real treat for Renegades of Jazz fans, and fans of David Hanke in general, and this teaser with Krimi Records will certainly whet the appetite of many for further releases from Dem Juju Poets.

Preview the tracks at Bandcamp here:

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