Thursday 6 July 2017

Confessions Of A Curly Mind: "Maxwell/Musze"

On the 23rd June 2017, we were immeasurably proud to present an epic 5 hour show on one of this site's and station's heroes and frankly, there really is only one person walking the face of this planet we would have wanted to present it... Mista Vee (also known as Vahe).

In truth (he doesn't know this by the way) but Vahe has been a dream inclusion for this station since its inception.  Blue-in-Green:RADIO never wanted to be just a station where DJs or presenters just come and play music - we always felt we had that little something different to offer and it's through excellence like what's presented within this show (and the continual excellence of our cherished First Lady DJ Rhonnie Rhon and others who have gifted us their time and incredible style of work) that we hope to build our reputation on.

By no means a 'best of', this is the official b-sides, remixes and rarities collection for the true Maxwell fans amongst us.  Tracklist and show is below and so check out enjoy...

01. maxwell - the urban theme (unfaded)
02. maxwell - ...til the cops come knockin' (the opus) (pt. 01)
03. maxwell - ...til the cops come knockin' (the opus) (pt. 02)
04. maxwell - ...til the cops come knockin' (the opus) (pt. 03)
05. maxwell - lock u up n' love fa days (pt. 04)
06. maxwell - ascension (no one's gonna love you, so don't ever wonder) (the tribute) (uncut)
07. maxwell - ascension (don't ever wonder) (the encore) (live @ planet groove) (1997)
08. maxwell - sumthin' sumthin' (the mantra) (uncut)
09. maxwell - sumthin' sumthin' (mellosmoothe)
10. maxwell - whenever wherever whatever (espa├▒ol)
11. maxwell - seguran├ža
12. sweetback - softly, softly (feat. maxwell)
13. maxwell - ...til the cops come knockin' (the opus) (pt. 02) (live @ paradiso, amsterdam) (1997)
14. maxwell - gotta get:closer (live @ mtv unplugged) (extended version)
15. maxwell - ...til the cops come knockin' (shelter vocal)
16. maxwell - gestation:mythos
17. maxwell - luxury:cococure (prologue, monologue, epilogue)
18. maxwell - gravity:pushing to pull (fellowship remix)
19. maxwell - everwanting:to want you to want (charles spencer black label mix)
20. maxwell - luxury:cococure (alternate version) (live @ essence awards) (1998)
21. maxwell - luxury:cococure (jurgen paape mix) (uncut)
22. maxwell - luxury:cococure (mixzo mix) (uncut)
23. maxwell - luxury:cococure (cottonbelly mix) (uncut)
24. maxwell - let's not play the game
25. maxwell - as my girl
26. maxwell - matrimony maybe you or maybe not
27. maxwell - fortunate (the naked uncut remix)
28. maxwell - lifetime (shelter vocal)
29. maxwell - playing possum (jason b remix)
30. maxwell - bad habits (medicin remix)
31. maxwell - lake by the ocean (melo-x remix)
32. maxwell - all the ways love can feel (michael brun remix)
33. maxwell - 1990x (cyril hahn remix)
34. maxwell - gods (izze the producer remix)

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