Friday 29 September 2017

What I'm Listening to... (Liberation's Frequency Edition)

Here are just a few of the tracks that we've recently uploaded to our Liberation's Frequency playlist of Blue-in-Green:RADIO and some that are really worth your time...

'World Gone Crazy' by The Haggis Horns featuring Lucinda Slim
One of the UK's finest funk and soul acts are poised to unveil their brand new album, currently due November 2017.  And with great excitement, their first single has just been released featuring the vocals of Lucina Slim and the EP it can initially be found on - arrives 6th October and features remixes from a dream team lineup of Smoove, Lack of Afro and Sam Redmore.

'Think (About It)' by Barbara Tucker
Barbara Tucker hooks up with Spen & Thommy D for an excellent reworking of Lynn Collins' classic record.  Remixes galore due mid-October through Quantize including the ever-popular Spen & Thommy Summer of Dub Mix.


'Maceo' by Lakecia Benjamin
In prepararation for GetToKnow... Motema Records (which airs this Monday at 6pm UK, only on Blue-in-Green:RADIO), we took the opportunity to delve back into saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin's excellent album 'Retox' and reintroduce songs into our LF playlist.  Nenjamin's 'Retox' is packed with great songs and brilliant guests including Amp Fiddler, Melanie Charles, Mavis 'Swan' Poole, Jesse Fischer.

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