Wednesday 28 February 2018

'Trip To Warsaw' by Surly

Famed for his work within the footwork and house genres, New Zealand DJ, producer and musician, Surly, steps out of his comfort zone for 'Trip To Warsaw' - his fantastic new 6-track EP released through Astigmatic Records.

Surly's Trip To Warsaw is by no means a passing visit but really something more of a musical pilgrimage nearly a lifetime in the making.  The son of jazz musician, Tom Ludvigson, who himself played with Krzysztof Ścierański from Polish group, Laboratorium, no doubt helped to inspire Surly's passion for music during his formative years as it would flourish ultimately embracing further styles like hip-hop, jungle and drum & bass.

The six tracks presented here are very much Surly's hommage to Polish jazz music, and by token, an hommage to the records the electronic DJ and producer has been sampling from for all these years.  From the almost cinematic scope of 'THIRTEEN' and '4Q-510-511', to the hip-hop-inspired 'Scare Em To Death' and the drum & bass of 'Train to Lodz', the concept as a whole is a challenge that Surly effortlessly rises to.

There's the hope that the acclaim this release has rightfully received will inspire Surly to take another trip to Warsaw and perhaps even to stay a little longer this time.

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