Thursday 3 May 2018

'Return the Favor' by Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints [Single]

'Return the Favor' marks the welcome return of Camellia Hartman with her third single for Dala Records.  Following in the vein of her previous efforts 'Breathing Hard (Over You)' and 'At Least I Got My Baby', Hartman continues to build on her Northern Soul inspired take on soul music which finds itself so at home on Brooklyn's Dala Records, and continues to garner her a devoted following from soul music enthusiasts around the world.

Herself a New York native, the vocalist, skilled violinist and multi-instrumentalist leaves her indelible charm and charisma on anything she touches, as explained by Billy Aukstik, founder of Dala Records:  "I met Camellia almost 10 years ago when she became a fan of my first band EMEFE. We instantly became friends and the Dala collaboration began when I asked her if she would sing one of the first songs I wrote with my friend, Steve Garvin, called 'At Least I Got My Baby'.  We recorded that and then released it as Dala’s first single in 2015.  She is also a fantastic violinist and has recorded strings on many of my own records."

The current single is very much a family affair for Team Dala: as well as 'Return the Favor' being written and produced by Aukstik, to further root the music deeper into their signature analog sound, the song also features the label's house band - The Soulful Saints.  The collective are a group of versatile and accomplished musicians who can boast collaborations with Sharon Jones, Lee Fields, Charles Bradley and Mark Ronson, and as well as providing the musical soundscapes for Dala's own Camellia Hartman and Billy The Kid (Billy Aukstik's own musical project), The Soulful Saints also have their own 'Hit and Run' and 'Butterfield East' singles available for purchase as well.

For now though it's the 'Return the Favor' single that's taking centre-stage with digital versions of the single currently available and vinyl versions in the works.

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