Friday 21 December 2018

'Here's A Call' by Georgia Lee Johnson

Singer and songwriter Georgia Lee Johnson issues an early Christmas present with the release of her new single 'Here's A Call' on Dala Records.  Dala Records seem to take great pride in reinventing themselves with every release and while trombonist and vocalist Raymond James Mason's singles 'Back When' and 'No Clue', released in November, presented a more rock-based aesthetic to the label, new music from Georgia Lee Johnson ushers in a more almost folky sound that is totally sublime.

With already an album released in October 2018 called 'Wanderling', singer and songwriter Johnson seems to be embracing an incredibly creative run by releasing the new 'Here's A Call' single before swiftly turning all attention to the subsequent release of the upcoming EP, 'Languages', currently scheduled for 4th January 2019.

We'll be diving head-first into the EP upon release but in the meantime here's the project's lead single for your enjoyment and it can be purchased via the Dala Records store.

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