Tuesday 26 February 2019

The Traffic [Choi Records]

Our love affair with Choi Records continues...

It was just yesterday we posted about the awesome 'Victim of Circumstance' album by Melbourne soul band, Mayfield, which you absolutely need to hear if you haven't done so already.

Further to that though, I'd wholeheartedly recommend people to spend some time on the Choi Records Bandcamp page and you'll find a treasure trove of music to dip into - from the Mayfield record, to the brilliant 'Problems & Pain' release by Fulton Street and then there's the super-group that comprise the instrumental funk outfit, The Traffic: Yuri Pavlinov (The Bamboos), Kumar Shome (Punkawallahs), Alexander Howroyd and Brett Evans (Pickpocket), Jimmy Bowman and Ivan Khatchoyan.  

Their selection of digital and 45 releases covering such out-of-the-box selections like 'California Love', 'Super Freak', 'White Lines' and our personal favourite, the Justin Timberlake/Neptunes cover of 'Like I Love You'.

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