Friday 14 June 2019

'The Vibezlab Sessions II' by PVIBEZ

Paul "PVIBEZ" Morgan returns with the second instalment of his Vibezlab Sessions series of EPs with the highly-anticipated Volume II.

A perfect extension of the groundwork laid out through Volume I, released in 2018, this selection of tracks sees the producer and multi-instrumentalist step back into his proverbial Batcave or Fortress of Solitude to reconnect with the project's original four vocalists: Eshe Escoffery, Lifford, Laurnea and Andrae Bentley.

While previous full-length offerings - 'Love Is The Notion' (2016) and 'Urban Xpressionz' (2011) - have seen Morgan demonstrate his pure vibes aesthetic as a singer and songwriter, excelling in the role with songs like 'No Fantasy' and 'Pretty Buddafly', the Vibezlab series sees the artist take more inspiration behind the boards providing the sonic soundscapes for his team to soar over.

Andrea Bentley appears on the opening, funky bass of 'All About Me'; veteran soul singer Lifford Shillingford sounds perfect on the gospel-inspired nature of 'The Recipe' as does Vicky Flint on horns, fresh off her contribution to Lasperanza's 'Seeds' album from earlier this year too.  US vocalist Laurnea marks another welcome return to the Sessions this time 'Just in Case', potentially outdoing her excellent contribution to last year's effort ('Don't Break My Heart'), and then there's Eshe Escoffery who absolutely does outdo her contribution to their previous collaboration, this time stealing the show with 'Stay' which is beautifully enhanced by violin from Rebecca Decca Doo and a song fleshed out and allowed to breathe over the course of nearly six minutes. 

There's a real charm about Morgan that endears him to music lovers - his consistent desire to improve, to try new things and go in new directions is all inspired by his unwavering devotion towards his heroes.  Always one to wear his influences on his sleeve and the encyclopaedic knowledge that comes along with that, whether he's musing on the musical union between Marvin Gaye and Leon Ware that spawned Gaye's 'I Want You' album, his preference for 1970's era Prince releases or his reverence to the works of Stevie Wonder... The prospect of the Vibezlab Sessions seems very much to be an homage to those inspirations in the most personal way possible.

We look forward to seeing where PVIBEZ's passions will take him next but in the meantime, he's created potentially his greatest piece of work for you all to enjoy.

'The Vibezlab Sessions' is available to purchase now from CD Baby.

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