Thursday 17 October 2019

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #29: Rob Fleming of Crowd Company

Welcome to Episode #29 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which sees Imran secure time with Robert Fleming of the brilliant British funk & soul band, Crowd Company.  Crowd Company have become firm staples within the UK's funk & soul lineage with two incredible albums already under their belt in 'Now or Never' (2014) and 'Stone & Sky' (2017) and a third on the way in early-2020.

As a part of Vintage League Music, Crowd Company along with the Alan Evans Trio and Joe Tatton Band will be performing at London's The 100 Club, 25th October 2019, so we discuss the gig with Rob as well as Crowd Company's music - how the band got started, hooked up with Alan Evans and Vintage League and what's next for the 8-piece in the coming months.

Crowd Company are one the shining lights in contemporary funk & soul so this episode is a real treat and we hope you'll enjoy it!

The Blue-in-Green:PODCAST unveils new episodes on the first, second and third Mondays of the month. This podcast series runs in conjunction with the online radio station, Blue-in-Green:RADIO which celebrates 21st century soul, jazz, funk, Latin & hip-hop music. These shows are designed to give you some insight into the incredible range of talented presenters we're so lucky to host from all over the world and to geek out musically with us.

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