Friday 17 January 2020

'Junk Love' by Seravince & LYMA

'Junk Love' is the new seven track project pairing friends and collaborators, Vincent "Seravince" Helbers and Tjerk "LYMA" Lammers, as they dissect the digital era of modern love.

The 'Junk Love' project seems to be the offspring of a particularly busy and productive period for both artists: vocalist and producer LYMA just coming off the plaudits of his debut solo EP - the excellent and diverse 'In Between Shifts' available through Wicked Wax Amsterdam (also the label home to Daniel Crawford's 'Revolution' album of 2019) - as well as his sights already set on a new full-length release and continued production and session work for other artists; the other half of this golden duo is the prolific musician and producer Vincent Helbers whose magical touch can be found across a wide range of projects from names including José James, Ntjam Rosie and Richard Spaven.  Whether he's operating under his Flowriders guise - of which his classic album 'R.U.E.D.Y.' saw its deluxe reissue in 2019 via Mr Bongo - or through his work as Seravince, his name is synonymous with crafting stunning pieces of music.

With both artists renown for their eclectic music and compositions, 'Junk Love' positions LYMA's charming vocal across a broad sonic palette incorporating styles from nu-soul to neo-soul with each's signature twinges into electronica smoothly adopted into the productions. 

Across songs including 'Junk Food', 'Future Boogie' and 'Other Side', the pair assess the challenges of dating within the online realm oftentimes throughout likening it to a disposable and insincere approach of connecting with someone.  The concept is genuinely a fascinating one for analysis in this context - while the gifts of the internet are that you can become exponentially closer to someone on the other side of the world, there's certainly a case for it driving you further away from the people closest around you.  And that balance is absolutely key - conditioning ourselves to rely on technology to support our way of life as opposed to relying on technology itself as our way of life.  With much of the recording of 'Junk Love' having been carried out through analogue equipment and means, it proves to be a further effective technique when considering it within the overarching theme of a rejection of modern or digital trends.

With both Seravince and LYMA already moving on to new projects there is the hope that the pair will reunite on a project like this again soon as their chemistry is evident and a truly excellent project awaits your attention.

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