Friday 28 February 2020

'Try' by Kim Dawson

"Admit it, it's time".  The opening words from the new single by Kim Dawson says what many have known for a while and it's Denver, Colorado's Color Red Records who have the distinct privilege of playing host to Dawson's debut solo single, 'Try'.

The news of Kim Dawson's 'Try' will undoubtedly be met with great excitement and when considering her invaluable contributions to funk and soul music over the years, it's probably fair to say the progression to a centre stage solo artist albeit a massively welcome step is perhaps slightly overdue.

As a vocalist for the powerhouse Color Red super group of Matador! Soul Sounds with Soulive/Ae3 drummer Alan Evans, The New Mastersounds guitarist Eddie Roberts and Dawson sharing vocal duties with the equally brilliant Adryon De Leon, the collective's debut album 'Get Ready' (2018) showcased a wonderfully versatile release with Dawson's vocals proving a real standout amongst the fantastic talent on board for the project.  Then there's her numerous contributions to further bands and artists including vocal appearances on three tracks for Kyle Hollingsworth's '50' album, The King Rooster's 'You Got Me Spinning' single, her work with The Pimps of Joytime and even a track from The New Mastersounds' 'Therapy' album, which dates as far back as 2014, with the awesome 'Soul Sista'.

Yes, Dawson embracing the spotlight is definitely a very welcome move.

While past musical offerings have positioned Kim Dawson as an incredibly powerful funk vocalist, 'Try' sees her steer towards more R&B and soul territory where she revels in the more elegant nature of her own exquisite production backed by an excellent array of musicians including Braxton Kahn on drums, Paul McDaniel on bass, Brent Williams on guitar and Ladamion Massey and Adriene Bible on backing vocals. 

And rounding out the brilliant ensemble of 'Try' is the contribution of revered organist Wil Blades.  Fresh off the success of last year's 'Egyptian Secrets' - the debut project by The Adam Deitch Quartet which boasts Blades as a member - his illustrious skills are unleashed alongside Dawson as he injects a new dimension into in to the track through a killer solo.

The real charm of 'Try' though comes from the writing and the gentle poignancy of its lyrics which strives to inspire people to take that giant leap towards achieving their goals.  This track serves as a wonderful (re)introduction to the brilliance of Kim Dawson as we excitedly continue to watch her career flourish.  "Admit it, it's time".

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