Monday 2 March 2020

'Love and Unity' / 'We Got To Stand' by The Burroughs

If any two words could best describe the overall aesthetic of nine-piece funk & soul outfit, The Burroughs, then it would absolutely be their aptly named new single 'Love and Unity'.  The Greeley, Colorado, band unveil their awesome new digital 45 teaming 'Love and Unity' with 'We Got to Stand' which arrives fairly soon after the release of singles 'The Slip' and 'Forever in Love' recorded and released through the hallowed walls of Color Red last year.

Headed up by vocalist Johnny Burroughs, the collective have become a firm staple within Colorado's funk & soul scene with a heralded live set that has gone on to define the passion the band have for their craft.  Live music - if done right - is absolutely a spiritual experience.  James Brown would refuse to perform in venues in the 60s that enforced segregation of their audiences instead insisting that everyone sat together.  Believing in the power of that shared musical experience, The Godfather of Soul pushed forward the idea that music could build bridges and heal racial divides.  And this is a tradition wholly embraced by The Burroughs who understand the legacy of the music that they masterfully carry forward.

Helping The Burroughs realise their vision on this release is the revered talents of guitarist and producer, Eric Krasno.  As one-third of Soulive, and formerly of Lettuce, Krasno has recorded with and produced for artists including Chaka Khan, Nigel Hall, DJ Spinna, Talib Kweli and Ledisi, naming just a mere few... The Burroughs are as much a win for Krasno's résumé as he is for them.

While previous effort 'Forever in Love' was lush in its composition, courtesy of the production of Mike Tallman and the incredible Kim Dawson, 'Love and Unity' specifically targets the dance floor as it revels in good time funk with a small dalliance into the golden era of 90's break beat hip-hop.  The flip side, 'We Got to Stand', plays out a little more like a signature Eric Krasno production - a guitar-heavy composition, not at all dissimilar from what Lettuce have become accustomed to over their last few releases, and a sound The Burroughs find just as much comfort in further demonstrating their ability to adapt to varying styles while still injecting the charisma, personality and performances that fans have come to love and expect from their music.

Funk music's legacy will forever be about bringing people together.  Much like James Brown had envisaged all those years ago - and much like The Burroughs envisage now - leaving your troubles, worries and fears at the door and sharing something special and memorable with both friends and strangers.

That's what music is.  Love and unity.

For more information on The Burroughs, please visit their website here.

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