Saturday 18 July 2020

'Entirely' by Star Kitchen

‘Entirely’ is the new, and debut, single from the alternative-soul collective, Star Kitchen, released through Color Red Records.

Initially based in Philadelphia, Star Kitchen have cultivated a strong following  based in part on their veracious live performances over the years including having graced stages at High Sierra Music Festival, JamCruise and Electric Forest amongst others.  (A YouTube video recorded from Sony Hall, NYC, December 2019, showcasing the band alongside Natalie Cressman, James Casey and Eric Krasno is an absolute must watch.)  So the news of Star Kitchen's debut single - and subsequent collaboration with Color Red – certainly comes amidst much excitement.

The band's blend of psychedelic funk and heavy-hitting soul is really the type of music that Color Red thrives off.  The Denver, Colorado, based label has been exceedingly fortunate to be able to continually align with a variety of bands that share their vision of contemporary funk and soul music.  Collectives like the afrobeat brilliance of ATOMGA, the psychedelic grooves of the Polyrhythmics and Radon and the hip-hop-inspired aesthetic of ManyColors all epitomise the genre-pushing and genre-defying music that, frankly, turns musicians who take risks into heroes.  And Star Kitchen - through their new single 'Entirely' - look set to position themselves as proud flag wavers for this brand of innovative and progressive soul music.

While 'Entirely' officially marks the band's debut single, the experience and achievements shared between each of the four members already showcases Star Kitchen as something of a formidable super group with each member having a host of collaborations under their belt and having served as part of revered collectives for years. 
Comprised of bassist Marc Brownstein (Conspirator, The Disco Biscuits, Younger Brother), drummer Marlon Lewis (Ro James, John Legend), keyboardist Rob Marscher (Addison Groove Project, Matisyahu) and guitarist Danny Mayer (Alan Evans Trio, On The Spot Trio) – and citing the track’s main influences as Jimi Hendrix and James Brown - Star Kitchen’s ‘Entirely’ delivers as a wonderful introduction to the band’s infectious and high energy style that has you craving to see the band’s music translate to a live stage.  While the calibre of these four musicians would prove to be more than enough for any studio, the enlisted talent roster bursts even more at the seams with ‘Entirely’ also boasting the musical contributions of Eddie Roberts – guitarist for The New Mastersounds who also helms the track’s production along with Color Red staple Josh Fairman.

It's perhaps a little overdue that the spotlight shine on Star Kitchen and with this single currently planned to be the first of more due this year, more music will be entirely welcome.

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