Wednesday 28 October 2020

'Say It Ain't So' by Maya Law


'Say It Ain't So' is the new single release from Maya Law rounding out an incredibly busy and productive 2020.

With releases dating back to 2016, Law's Bandcamp page is a treasure trove of contemporary soul-infused and dynamic R&B.  The debut project, 'Her or Him', paired Law with the production of Allergy Kid, for a ten-track release that showcased Law's unwavering versatility as she masterfully navigates her way through some inspired hip-hop-esque production.  But more recent releases have seen Law develop her style to present different facets of herself as an ever-evolving artist.

The double A-side single release of 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' is a particular gem which sees Law tackle the revered Smiths track with the intimate backing of just a piano and some subtle strings which really elevate the entire piece into something incredibly special.  But again, the track is off-set brilliantly against the single's accompanying noir jazz-inspired remix by Gabriel Gifford for 'Breeze' which is another strong highlight.

And then there's the single releases in preparation for the upcoming 'Hitchhiking' EP.  With 'Tired' setting the wheels in motion following its release back in April of this year, the track really excels as a shining example of a contemporary and quintessential R&B track - an infectious hook and great production propelled by some excellent guitar work.

What's exciting about the project's current single is, once again, the slight reinvention that comes along with it - the exquisite back to basics approach found within the song's acoustic guitar-led composition does have you pining for a significantly longer version.  While the old adage 'less is more' holds water as a rule in of itself, it's always exciting to discover an artist adept at exceling on minimal arrangements as much as more complex and intricate sounding production.

It would be remiss when discussing Maya Law's 2020 not to mention her excellent collaboration with singer, songwriter and producer, Freya Roy, for their single 'Fantasies' earlier in the year.  A song scheduled for Roy's upcoming EP release as well, we previously described the eclectic soul number as exemplary of the duo seeking to "carve a new path into the realms of future soul while still clinging to their own musical sensibilities", which we still defer to as the perfect summation.

While anticipation is high for Maya Law's 'Hitchhiking' EP, we highly recommend getting caught up on all the musical delights available to date including this brand new single from a genuinely inspiring talent. 

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