Monday 22 February 2021

'La Policía' by Bachaco

Music can serve as such a powerful vessel within the context of portraying or expressing the perspectives of a cultural identity.  Salsa - famed for having life breathed into it in 1970s New York through Nuyorican bands (New Yorkers of Puerto Rican descent) - was always able to boast an eclectic and diverse mix of musical styles incorporating Afro-Cuban percussion, Spanish cancion and at times mixes of Latin jazz, rock and funk as laid down by Ray Barretto, Eddie Palmieri, Hector Lavoe and Fania Records.  

Based in Miami, Bachaco's music continues much in a similar vein as it strives to deliver its own unifying message and aesthetic by establishing their own cultural roots for an entirely new generation.  And that very message has been something blessed unto audiences since 2007 - with a vivacious live show that has seen the versatile cumbia-inspired collective perform countless concerts and festivals across the US, Canada, Argentina... 

Headed up by singer-songwriter, Ediberto Morillo, Bachaco's music is steeped in Latin culture but distinct and confident enough in itself to embrace an ever-expanding array of musical genres.  With their sound continually cited as something of a musical gumbo incorporating elements of reggae, hip-hop and rock, their music is nonetheless always delivered through an infectious and sincere energy that sees the Bachaco star shine ever brighter as the years pass.

And the release of Bachaco's new single, 'La Policía', is further evidence of that.

With production from Agustin Espina - an incredibly talented artist with an extensive résumé that includes keyboardist for Los Amigos Invisibles as well as work with Guaco, Guillermo Carrasco and Mango Funk - 'La Policía' seeks to address the oftentimes difficult conversations about cultural differences and the difficult perspectives in and around that very stance.  The rest of the make-up comprise Anderson Quintero on drums and percussion, Camilo Velandia on guitar and Rodner Padilla on bass. 

Collectively, the band take excellent leaps in carrying forward the traditions and stylings laid out by the genre’s initial stars and forefathers.  'La Policía' is beaming with energy and bursting with inspiration - the slightly harder edge of the track's lead guitar seems to draw the music slightly out of its comfort zone but it's a technique that works brilliantly.  'La Policía' is the first single off the full-length due out later this year which we're excited to hear.

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