Monday 22 March 2021

'M.O.T.H.' by Olivier St.Louis

The multi-talented and multi-faceted Olivier St.Louis releases his new EP 'M.O.T.H.' marking his official debut with First Word Recordings.

The imaginatively titled 'Matters of the Heartless' ('M.O.T.H.') certainly comes with much anticipation following the release of the singles 'Confliction', 'Running Wild' and 'Jump the Line' which have brilliant captured the versatile and inspired approach to Olivier's brand of alternative soul music.

The dynamic soundscapes that 'M.O.T.H.' relishes in showcasing throughout is very indicative of Olivier's years of incessant travelling.  Born in Washington, DC, St.Louis spent time studying in London, gracing stages across the world before ultimately settling in Berlin.  Each of the extended stops saw St.Louis increasingly immerse himself within the music he was surrounded by - finding inspiration from London's garage and rock scenes, releasing projects with Warp Records to releases with Berlin's Jakarta Records.  And dating back as far as 2011, under the name Olivier Daysoul, there were notable projects with long-time friend and collaborator, producer and rapper Oddisee, and a little later the UK's ambient/electronica styled, Bibio.

It's a resume that St.Louis could only revel in.  To consistently be surrounded by such a strong variety of influences and collaborators provides such a unique and distinctive perspective upon your own creations that the experience is invaluable.  The music on 'M.O.T.H.' acts as a perfect reflection of these varying styles and influences and a project that acts as a perfect fit for the continual efforts of First Word.  In the last year, the label has been able to boast some fantastic releases in Takuya Kuroda's 'Fly Moon Die Soon', Allysha Joy's 'Light It Again' EP and, of course, there is the upcoming album by Kaidi Tatham, 'An Insight to All Minds'.

'Jump the Line' kicks the prject off perfectly - its sing-a-long hook and excellent production cement it as one of the EP's standout tracks right off the bat, the infectious energy of 'Running Wild' is another winner as is the Oddisee-assisted 'Confliction'.  (Be sure to catch the favour returned with St.Louis featuring on Oddisee's 'Go To Mars' from his 'Odd Cure EP' last year as well.)

'M.O.T.H.' is very much a soul album for contemporary times - inspired in its approach and unhindered in its vision.  A genuinely early highlight for the year and hopefully a project that marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship with First Word as well.

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