Tuesday 6 April 2021

'Thinkin' About You' by Carmy Love

'Thinkin' About You' is the new solo single from vocalist Carmy Love whose debut finds its home on London's Big AC Records.

The news of Carmy Love's 'Thinkin' About You' should undoubtedly be met with great excitement and when considering her invaluable contributions to funk and soul music over the years, it's probably fair to say the progression to the spotlight of centre stage solo artist albeit a massively welcome step is perhaps slightly overdue.

As a vocalist for New Street Adventure - whose debut release with Acid Jazz came in the form of 'No Hard Feelings' in 2014 - Love is accustomed to sharing the studio and stage with premier London-based talent within the realms of funk and soul.  Other vocal work for acts including Ruby Blu, Cool Million and House Gospel Choir soon followed so, yes, the news of Love's debut solo single is absolutely a welcome a move. 

But if time is what was needed to deliver this, frankly, perfect and infectious slice of London soul then it was absolutely worth it.  Backed by an excellent array of musicians including members of New Street Adventure: Ollie Futcher on drums, Ashley Hayden on bass and Billy Farr on guitar.  The collective is rounded out up by Paul Jordanous and Tom White on horns along with Sahil Batra on piano.  The Milk's Mitch Ayling graces the track with his production wizardry and Big AC Records co-founder and solo artist in his own right, Nick Corbin, boasts his penmanship for this anthemic number.

While it's certainly a track beaming with an incredible array of talented artists it's absolutely Carmy Love's star that shines the brightest here.  With a fantastic vocal that sits right at home over the blissful 60's-style, horn-heavy soul soundscape, we're witnessing a world class artist totally come into her own and it's sure to be a thrill to see her career flourish going forward.

A quick mention should go to the fantastic efforts of Team Big AC.  Founded by Corbin and DJ/radio presenter Sophie Heath, Big AC Records present their commitment to delivering inspired contemporary funk and soul music through its burgeoning roster which includes vocalist Abi Farrell and the aforementioned Nick Corbin.  With great excitement we wait to see what Big AC deliver next but in the meantime, we have this perfect formal introduction to the boundless talents of Carmy Love.

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