Sunday 13 June 2021

Blue-in-Green:PODCAST #89: Marc Rapson

Welcome to Episode #89 of the Blue-in-Green:PODCAST which sees Imran secure time with musician and producer, Marc Rapson.

As part of Futuristica's 15 year celebrations, a number of albums from their revered catalogue have been announced as being subject to having exclusive reissues prepared.  With some fantastic releases scheduled for this year, the label kicked things off with Marc Rapson's 'Dark vs Light' - originally released as a seven track project back in 2010, 'Dark vs Light' finds itself bumped up to a thirteen track expanded edition featuring additional songs born of those recording sessions.

Beyond the reissue of 'Dark vs Light', Rapson has been responsible for so many of Futuristica's most cherished tracks over the years.  The last 14 months along have seen the producer ride an incredible wave of success having helmed production for Futuristica's current front line roster including Deborah Jordan, Georgie Sweet, Nathan Thomas and LaNote. 

This episode sees us discuss the 'Dark vs Light' reissue, conduct an in-depth look at Deborah Jordan's phenomenal Rapson-produced 'I'll See You Again' track from last year, his early days in the music business, our shared fandom for Jay Dee, plus we throw in some always-welcome Star Wars and MCU conversation as well.

'Dark vs Light' can be purchased via the Futuristica Bandcamp page.

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