Sunday 1 August 2021

'Lost in Translation' by Tize

'Lost in Translation' is the excellent new EP from South African DJ and producer, Tize, released through Antidote Music.

For those of you lucky enough to have picked up Tize's debut single 'Shining Praise' - released October of last year - you'll have become enamoured with his distinct interpretation of a luxurious soulful house aesthetic.  'Shining Praise' presented the artist's wonderful attention to detail through his glorious fusion of various textures over the song's near seven-minute runtime.

With such an excellent introduction to a young and emerging talent, Antidote Music wisely snapped up Tize thus presenting 'Lost in Translation' - the new three-track EP which picks up where 'Shining Praise' left off and continues his celebration of house music across three brilliantly unique compositions.  With Antidote Music themselves approaching their tenth year as a purveyor of versatile interpretations of deep, soulful and afrocentric house, Tize's clear-cut vision for his place within that sonic landscape results in a genuine standout release for the label which is a real testament to his talent when considering the wealth of great music Antidote have been blessed with from across the world by artists like Secret Souls, Kop Afro Soul, Soufflé Caramel and Parcel SWZ.

With tracks both intimate and dancefloor-friendly, Tize's 'Lost in Translation' builds nicely from 'Shining Praise' and further adds to a burgeoning catalogue of incredible music.


  1. Tize is my Brother.....i heard the 1st EP and I still have it.... good luck know i got your back....

  2. Dándole King Kay got your back... Aka KraZySA