Thursday 7 October 2021

'Cosmic Dust' by Kasia Konstance

'Cosmic Dust' is the new EP release from the multi-talented, Polish-born and London-based, Kasia Konstance.

As a singer, songwriter and flautist, Konstance's rise to prominence has really been a long-time coming.  Boasting an incredibly enviable résumé that has seen her positioned within various fields of the music business including past roles at Worldwide FM, to live events curating and her current marketing & communications role within the prestigious Astigmatic Records - Konstance's unwavering passion and commitment to the industry has certainly been rewarded as she finds herself in the unique position of being entrenched within both the business and artistic sides of an exciting and burgeoning London sound.

Comprised of five tracks and spearheaded by the lush, acoustic guitar-driven number, 'You Never Do', released earlier this summer, the 'Cosmic Dust' EP is genuinely a treasure trove of contemporary soul-infused and dynamic R&B.  While 'North 41' relishes in its own hip-hop influences, other tracks like 'Don't Wanna Know' and 'Rainy Days' showcase more intricate production which masterfully presents more of the varying facets of Konstance as an ever-evolving artist.  Happily wearing her influences on her sleeve, the works of performers like Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder have often been touted by Konstance as strong sources of inspiration for her own music with the results a skilful interweaving of varying elements of R&B, neo-soul and jazz to create something distinctly her own.

'Cosmic Dust' delivers as the perfect and formal introduction to an artist on the cusp of significant recognition and marks a further feather in the cap of what's already been a hugely successful year for Konstance.  Opening for Richard Spaven at the Jazz Cafe in June of this year was a huge achievement and, aside from Konstance's contributions as a solo artist, there are also the continual successes of the phenomenal Jelly Cleaver-helmed All Day Breakfast Café collective of which Konstance features heavily, flute in hand.  With currently two singles under their belt ('Old School Struggling' and 'What If Nile Rodgers and Fela Kuti Were Friends') in preparation for their 'Builder's Brew' EP due to be released this year, the disco-meets-afrobeat-meets-jazz collective are, again, poised for incredible successes.

'Cosmic Dust' introduces listeners to a confident and charismatic young artist and is an awesome project befitting Konstance's talent and versatility.

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