Thursday 17 March 2022

'Eagle Peak' by Tom Remon Quartet

'Eagle Peak' is the brand new album from the Tom Remon Quartet available through Lunaria Records.

The release of 'Eagle Peak' serves as a wonderful distinction for the London-based guitarist as he comfortably steps into the role of band leader for the first time heading up an excellent array of musicians for this superb release.

And its home on Lunaria Records makes the project all the more fitting.  A London-based label, Lunaria - as described on their Bandcamp page - are "dedicated to supporting its artists, and helping them reach their full potential".  It's certainly a noble cause and its passion that anyone can comprehend when you spend some time rummaging through the incredible music the label has on offer.  Serving as a hub of global blues-based grooves, Lunaria offers varying worldwide interpretations of the genre with releases from Swansea's Mark Pontin Group, Argentina's Daniel De Vita and Massachusetts' Misty Blues.

There's something about Lunaria's pure-of-heart devotion towards its music and its artists that makes Tom Remon, as a part of the roster, something that just fits despite the more jazz-esque tendencies of his music.  Remon's association with the Lunaria extends a little further than 'Eagle Peak', with their first collaboration coming in the form of the Tom Remon and Jim Mullen pairing for their album, 'Duality', released in 2021.  A bold project that positioned the two guitarists side-by-side for their two-man show in what must have been a thrill for each artist - Remon for having secured the opportunity to record with an artist of such reverence and for Mullen to be around such an incredibly gifted musician at the early stages of what is to be a burgeoning career.

As previously implied, 'Eagle Peak' sees Remon expand his roster of collaborators playing as part of a quartet that includes Laurence Wilkins on trumpet, Shaney Forbes on drums and Mike Gorman on organ.  The album kicks off perfectly with the rich 'Anton's Ball' which makes its mark with its affectionate energy that is carried over to subsequent tracks 'Just One of Those Things' and 'Fly Little Bird Fly'. 'One Eternal Bond' displays the collective's distinct skill within the more ballad-inspired compositions but it is the more spirited numbers that demonstrate the quartet at their best.

'Eagle Peak' is an incredibly exciting record and another release to demonstrate the boundless talents of Tom Remon as he strives to forge ahead and cultivate a versatile and dynamic career.

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