Monday 8 August 2022

New singles round-up ::: August 2022

'Everything I Do' by Amy Gadiaga

The debut single from the multi-talented bassist and vocalist Amy Gadiaga comes as a real treat.  Born in Paris until ultimately moving to London in her teens to explore the instrument further, as well as to immerse herself within the city's eclectic and thriving jazz community, Gadiaga has notched up accolades at an incredible rate - a student at Trinity Labans Conservatoire of Music & Dance plus she is able to boast performances at the Jazz Cafe and the EFG London Jazz Festival in advance of having released her first single.  Some YouTube videos of Gadiaga performing for jazz re:freshed and for Belmont Villa make for fantastic viewing and offer a thrilling insight into the charm and personality that Gadiaga effortlessly exudes on a stage.  'Everything I Do' is a sublime listen offering up a glimpse of that warmth found during her live performances over some brilliant production that tips its hat to a quintessential vocal jazz aesthetic while still introducing listeners to an exciting and innovative new artist with a staggering career laying in wait. The single finds its official release on the 12th August.

'RUNNING' [Marc Rapson Remix and Simon S Re​-​Edit] by Deborah Jordan & K15

The full-length collaborative album from vocalist Deborah Jordan and producer K15 arrived earlier this year in the form of the twelve-track gem that is 'HUMAN'.  A project created by the two long-term collaborators undoubtedly lived up to the incredibly high expectations that came along with it when considering the extensive body of work accumulated between the two.  An exquisite and versatile project that veers between off-kilter jazz, twinges of broken beat and Futuristica's signature future-soul; the album's well-deserved and raptuous reception has thankfully resulted in more life left to give with the revisiting of the album's opening track, 'RUNNING', courtesy of the architects of Futuristica's soundscapes, Marc Rapson and Simon S.  Rapson, once again, takes the time to demonstrate his affection for the genius of Jay Dee with his sensational offering, akin to his 90's-inspired remix of Jordan's seminal 'I'll See You Again'.  Simon S on the other hand looks to expand upon K15's beautifully-produced original extending the track but an additional two glorious minutes.  

'Nobody Else' by Abi Farrell

We were initially introduced to Abi Farrell via her anthemic single, 'Don't Follow Me', which would serve as an excellent introduction by anyone's standards.  Firmly embedded amongst the line-up of Big AC Records along with artists Carmy Love, Nick Corbin and Emma Noble, the indie soul label has continued its rise to prominence thanks to its immensely talented and closely-knit team of front line stars, backed by some incredible musicians to bring their vision to life.  For Farrell's latest single release, the exquisitely sweet soul offering is once again produced by The Milk's Mitch Ayling who really does work wonders in helping to construct much of Big AC's overall sound.  'Nobody Else' provides a further exciting facet to Farrell's music and demonstrates her ability to shine just as brightly through a soul-drenched ballad as she does through the socially conscious 'Don't Follow Me'.

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