Wednesday 14 September 2022

'Fauves' by Antonio Trinchera

'Fauves' marks the new album release from Italian guitarist and producer, Antonio Trinchera, who continues his long-standing relationship with the brilliant A.MA Records.

Over the course of his music releases dating back over the last twelve years, Trinchera has continually embraced the opportunity to present his multi-faceted vision for modern-day jazz and electronic music through a variety of different projects.  

Following early releases for Psychonavigation Records, Trinchera's extensive projects for the phenomenal hub of contemporary jazz in A.MA Records have gone on to create an exciting and dynamic musical tapestry that enable the guitarist to continue telling his inspired and varied musical stories.  'Next Move', released in 2016, showcased Trinchera alongside an array of accomplished artists - including some excellent contributions from vocalist Nikaleo - for an album more in line with his jazz sensibilities despite still serving as a diverse offering in of itself.  

Under the guise of the BitMapCrew, Trinchera, in collaboration with Dario Antonelli, unveiled their four-track EP in 2021 entitled 'Bits of Impressions', a project initially teased through the 'Love Faces' single release in 2021.  'Bits of Impressions' served as a complete reinvention of Trinchera's sound - a project that fully committed to these expansive and bold sonic soundscapes steeped within electronica and seemingly born of a wholly different creative mind from the Trinchera initially introduced back in 2016.  

But if we are to treat 'Next Move' and 'Bits of Impressions' as wholly different entities then 'Fauves' serves as the definitive union of each, and very possibly the album that Antonio Trinchera has envisioned for some time.

Joining Trinchera throughout the 'Fauves' adventure are a selection of long-standing friends and frequent collaborators including pianist Dony Valentino and double bassist Camillo Pace - both of whom are credited for collaborations on 'Next Move'.  And then the drumming duties for the album are divided between Alessio Santoro and Leo Consoli, the latter of which able to boast contributions towards 'Next Move' as well as 'Bits of Impressions'.

A sublime and subdued '1976' kicks the album off, delicately introducing listeners to the album's concepts before segueing into 'Bug Night' which eschews in a Citrus Sun-esque jazz-funk delight.  As we plunge deeper into the album, the music starts to take more risks with the merging of these disparate worlds starting to become even more apparent.  The album's title track for instance marks a notable turning point in 'Fauves' where the tone shifts towards a decidedly darker tone albeit a massively enjoyable listen.  

'Fauves' is very much a celebration of its own duality - these opposing genres located within a vast musical spectrum that are each as much a part of Antonio Trinchera's make-up as the other.  The album is genuinely an exciting listen and one that will be regarded as a key moment within Trinchera's releases going forward.

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