Wednesday 19 April 2023

New music round-up ::: April 2023

'Chase the Wind' by Kikimora

The brand new single release from the Texas-based collective serves as an enthralling introduction to the group's distinct blend of contemporary soul music.  In honesty, theirs is a sensational education in the art of bold and personality-driven fusion that skillfully presents their statement of musical intent through a wonderfully eclectic and diverse sonic palette.  Kikimora's ability to create music boasting equal parts psychedelic soul, jazz-infused performances and a no-rules approach to composition makes current single release, 'Chase the Wind', one of a lengthy series of fantastic Kikimora releases to date.  Dating back to the group's 'Cosmic Control' EP from 2016, the group's Bandcamp page hosts a series of additional standalone singles ('Meet Again' and 'No Loving') that are equally compulsory purchases.  For the six-piece - comprised of singer/songwriter/guitarist Hayley Lynch, keyboardist Leo Bennato, guitarist Ed Ramos, bassist Jericho Cagle, drummer Albert Braun, and Eric Boseman on percussion - Kikimora's music is indicative of the group's shared vision and a proud display of the vast and vibrant influences that are intricately - and effortlessly - woven together. 

'Nephi' by Amy Gadiaga

Poised for immeasurable success with her upcoming release through London's revered Jazz Re:freshed, bassist and vocalist Amy Gadiaga independently releases her second single making for an awesome follow-up to the release of last year's debut single release.  With 'Everything I Do' proving to be a wonderful display of Gadiaga's talents as a vocalist, musician and performer, The Paris-born and London-based artist follows that track with a deeply personal sophomore release that bravely addresses elements of her own insecurities.  With Gadiaga continuing her uphill trajectory of consistent live performances and strong releases - including gracing stages at the Jazz Cafe and EFG London Jazz Festival and having come up through the Trinity Labans Conservatoire of Music & Dance - 'Nephi' further lays the groundwork for a star in the making.

'Byssan Lull' by Cecilie Strange featuring Josefine Cronholm

Saxophonist and composer Cecilie Strange releases the initial tasters from her upcoming third album through April Records, 'Beyond'.  With the full-length currently due for release in June of this year, the tracks 'Byssan Lull' and 'Where My Heart Lives' point to another sensational offering from Strange who has established herself as one of April Records' key players since her first album with the label, 'Blue' (2000).  Pairing herself with her core trio of collaborators once again including pianist Peter Rosendal, bassist Thommy Andersson and drummer Jakob Høyer, Strange masterminds an exquisite project that marvels at the divinity of our existence and elegantly conceptualizes the undeniable journey we each undergo from our first to our last days.  Vocalist Josefine Cronholm makes a welcome addition to the project providing a sublime vocal for the masterpiece that is 'Byssan Lull'.

'Calling Out Today' by The Everettes

The fantastic new single by the Berlin-San Diego-based contemporary soul collective marks the final taster in the build-up to The Everette's sophomore album release, 'Soul Steps'.  With their debut reaching us back in 2020, the years in between have seen the band develop and hone their sound unveiling some fantastic new performances and inspirations for album #2.  The sensational work by the three Everette vocalists in Jess Roberts, Katharina Dommisch and Laura Niemeyer continues on 'Calling Out Today' - potentially having gifted us the strongest of the album's singles to date - with each vocalist sounding impeccable over the soul enriched musical backdrop that continues The Everettes' ongoing celebration of a quintessential soul sound which still sees them forge ahead into new soul territories.

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