Wednesday 16 August 2023

'Resilience (Recharged)' by Jesse Fischer

It's incredible to think that Jesse Fischer's 'Resilience' album was initially released as far back as August 2020.  A sensational entry into the ever-expanding and dynamic Fischer catalogue, the star-studded release delivered as one of the finest full-lengths bearing the revered name of the Brooklyn-based musician, producer and engineer.

Across the album's nine songs, the release featured some fantastic performances from Fischer on piano and Rhodes, and backed by an incredible band comprising of long-time collaborators including trumpeter Billy Buss, Godwin Louis on sax, David Cutler on bass and guitarist Jordan Peters.  And with the further assistance of world class guests like Christian Scott, Becca Stevens, Sarah Elizabeth Charles and Gr​é​goire Maret, Fischer's far-reaching vision across the broad scope of jazz reached another milestone in the artist's ongoing musical journey.

Despite initially being hindered by a certain global pandemic, 'Resilience' was able to take to the stages again and reconnect with enthusiastic live audiences, ultimately securing itself a three-date European tour with Fischer & company gracing stages in London, Paris and Munich in April 2022.

'Resilience (Recharged)' now serves as another entry into the 'Resilience' project presenting a four-track EP with songs from the 2020 album lovingly remixed and reconceptualised and featuring inspired new perspectives.  Fischer himself tackles the title track transforming the Christian Scott-assisted original into what Fischer himself aptly described as a showcase for "analog synths and vintage 90's drum machines".  The remix is a brilliant transformation of the original track and one that demonstrated the range of abilities and techniques at Fischer's disposal.

Usually one to get behind the boards himself for a range of artists and musicians - having helmed a notable array of remixes for artists including Melanie Charles, Bryony Jarman-Pinto and Space Captain - Fischer finds himself in the more unfamiliar situation of having his own work offered up to reinterpretations by others.

And it's an excellent trio of names, outside his own, that are enlisted for remix duties for the new EP in Javier Santiago, Jessi Lee and Tomoki Sanders...

Pianist and like-minded musician and composer, Javier Santiago, takes the elegance of 'The Wanderer' and presents the track through a diverse and vibrant lens incorporating subtle twinges of electronica around the original track's core performance.  Saxophonist and composer Tomoki Sanders finds a way to inject even more life in the already bouncy 'Play Date' while the full range of Jessi Lee's immeasurable talents are on display in her take on 'Meditation on Peace' which features the benefit of her delectable vocal over the more immersive sonic backdrop.

The 'Resilience' project proves to be the gift that keeps on giving and as even more facets to Fischer's 2020 original are unveiled, we're continually encouraged to return to the original release and appreciating it for the masterpiece that it is.

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