Sunday 29 October 2023

New music round-up ::: October 2023

'WHO?' by Leona Berlin

Leona Berlin returns with an excellent new single release following her last full-length in the form of 'Change' (2021).  A spectacular album which found Berlin in full creative control and having comfortably found her voice when conveying her vision of R&B and neo-soul.  Continuing her trend of creating music rooted in sincerity, lush production and rounded out by an excellent vocal, 'WHO?' sees Berlin honestly assess her motivations when it comes to pursuing her art and raises anticipation for album #3.  With some international performances now under her belt alongside frequent musical collaborator Magro, the boundless talents of Leona Berlin are always missed when new music isn't available so 'WHO?' marks a welcome return.

'No Time' by Allexa Nava

With the release of her third single, saxophonist and flautist Allexa Nava presents another brilliant track showcasing her talents as a writer, composer and performer.  Backed by an excellent team of musicians, Nava's dynamic and spirited track surely establishes her as a burgeoning talent within the UK's ever-booming jazz landscape.  Put together within a week - hence the song's title - 'No Time' represents Nava's most ambitious work to date with the bold composition paying dividends.  But all of Nava's releases to date are worthy of significant praise - from the debut single last year, 'Wait!', to the warmheated Pandemic-inspired release 'For Those Not Here', we're particularly excited to watch Allexa Nava's career ascend to infinitely greater heights going forward.

'Bug Night' [Elbert Philips "Trippy Tribute" Remix] by Antonio Trinchera

This exclusive single marks the third remix by Elbert Philips for guitarist and composer Antonio Trinchera, and second for Trinchera's 'Fauves' album of last year.  Over the course of his music releases dating back over the last thirteen years, Trinchera has continually embraced the opportunity to present his multi-faceted vision for modern-day jazz and electronic music whether releasing music as part of the BitMapCrew with Dario Antonelli or as a solo artist.  'Fauves' was the album that found a way to celebrate the inspirations from both of these disparate worlds - these opposing genres located within a vast musical spectrum that are each as much a part of Antonio Trinchera's make-up as the other.  The introduction of Chicago's dance and house music icon, Elbert Philips, for the 'Fauves' project generated the remix for 'The Tractor and the Child' last year ahead of this year's 'Bug Night'.  Drawing inspiration from the UK's 80s-90s jazz-funk scene, Philips bestows a fantastic contribution to the A.MA catalogue and continues his wonderful chemistry with Trinchera as well.

'A Retrospektiv Delux' (sides I & II) by PVIBEZ

Following a lengthy hiatus, Paul "PVIBEZ" Morgan seeks to reintroduce himself and his music through a lengthy two-part anthology of his past releases.  Marking an incredible career that has seen him perform as a member of the Shez Raja Collective for many years, Morgan pulls together some of his personal favourite releases, standalone singles and unreleased tracks to comprise 'A Retrospektiv Delux'.  This collection of tracks stands as a fitting testament to the multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist nodding to long-time listeners and delivering a warm welcome to new ones.  'Pretty Buddafly', 'Shine On' and 'No Fantasy' are strong album highlights along with potentially the project's shining moment in the instrumental gem that is 'Celestial Dance'.

'Tropika EP' by DJ Soo

DJ Soo's latest EP release for Dragon Trax marks a stunning return to form for the versatile DJ and producer.  With a host of releases, remixes and mashups, DJ Soo's enviable ability to flit from drum'n'bass to disco-tinged dance floor-fillers has long defined his inate skill.  His new 'Tropika' EP proves a further testament to his catalogue by hosting a distinctive blend of vibrant and enthralling textures from the personality-driven opener of 'Ah hah!' to the more urgent production of the gloriously uptempo 'Dark Haus'.  And currently riding high with the release of her own 'YVR to LBC' ep for Bathurst, Socool further blesses the project with a sensational remix of the EP's title track delivering another superb inclusion to the four-track project.  Herself a wonderful artist and producer, Socool's elegant production provides the perfect juxtaposition to the charging tribal rhythms of the DJ Soo original.

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