4 Corners

Blue-in-Green:RADIO's '4 Corners' series pulls together four of the BinG team from different parts of the world for this unique, multi-genre radio experience.  The rules are simple - 4 Blue-in-Green:RADIO presenters, each with 30 minutes to musically explore a one-word theme in any way they see fit.

We often boast about how proud we are to host shows from all over the world so helping us to explore these themes each month is the rotating cast of Molly Gallegos (presenter of the Super Sonido Show from Denver, Colorado), Vahé Vishapakagh Koshayan (presenter of CONFESSIONS OF A CURLY MIND from Melbourne, Australia), Steven Williams Heath (presenter of UK Vibe from Solihull, UK), Rhonda (presenter of Ride The Vibe, San Jose, California), Simon S (presenter of Futuristica Radio from Bournemouth, UK), As Valet (presenter of Cosmic Radio from Paris, France), Sean Sophiea (presenter of Raw Select Music, Niigata, Japan) and Imran Mirza (presenter of the Blue-in-Green Sessions from London, UK).

4 Corners... 4 Perspectives... 1 theme.

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