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'CONFESSIONS OF A CURLY MIND' airs Fridays at 5pm
'VEE'Z JOINT' airs Wednesdays at 5pm
From the curly mind of the genius that is Melbourne, Australia's MISTA VEE.  A fantastic trip that's as likely to celebrate 90s R&B as it is the very best in contemporary, nu-soul and R&B.  He's a writer, he's a musician and we're thrilled he's bestowing his talents onto us - Vahe's marathon-like shows spotlighting the remixes, b-sides, collaborations and unreleased tracks of his heroes continues to grow in acclaim and are as extensive a collection as anyone could piece together.  Genuinely nothing like it anywhere!

La Molly 

'Super Sonido Show' airs Tuesdays at 5pm
"So, uh, what ARE you?" is probably the most frequently asked question of Denver based music lover La Molly. Like many Latinx people, La Molly has been on a search for what, or rather, who she is her whole life. Having grown up rather rootless La Molly turned to music and the Super Sonido Show. This radio show explores the blending of traditional sounds such as cumbia, champeta and Andean folklorico with modern technology and digital sounds, music that mirrors the identity search of many in the Latinx community. How can we both hold tight to our traditions and be present in modern society? The Super Sonido Show aims to provide the soundtrack to that question.

DJ Simon S 

'Futuristica Radio' airs Thursdays at 5pm
Simon S has been DJing, producing and releasing music for almost 30 years and has played all over the world alongside such luminaries as Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Patrick Forge, Mad Matz and many others.  And as head of Futuristica Music, Simon and an incredible roster of artists - including the incomparable Deborah Jordan - have spearheaded a revolution in nu and future soul for nearly 15 years.  Expect a wonderful array of music as Simon showcases a mixture of contemporary jazz gems and blissful future soul numbers synonymous with Futuristica.

DJ Rhonnie Rhon 

'Ride The Vibe' airs Mondays at 5pm
Coming to us from San Jose, California, DJ Rhonnie Rhon projects the sunshine from her hometown every week providing 60 minutes of soulful house and nu-soul bliss.  Ride The Vibe airs every week with a thoughtfully-compiled and exquisitely-mixed selection making Rhonda's show an artform all of its own.  "Music has always been a solace for me. While all musical genres influence me, rhythms are what drive me and lead me on my journey of creating continuous flows of funky, soulful, deep vibes.  Come take a ride with me."

As Valet

'Cosmic Radio' airs Wednesdays at 10pm
From Paris, France, the revered producer and DJ has boundless achievements and accolades to his name.  Having now released three solo albums, As Valet can also lay claim to being a founding member of the four-piece of Electric Conversation.  Signed to Futuristica Music, the genre-defining future soul collective released two exquisite albums through the label ('Communication' and 'Electric Conversation') serving as compulsory purchases for fans of the nu- and future-soul genre. 
Cosmic Radio presents a stunning excursion into the realms of jazz, African rhythms and left-field hip-hop.

Steve Williams

'UK Vibe' airs Thursdays at 7pm
"Editor, publisher, loose leaf tea drinker, husband and father."
This is how Steve Williams describes himself on his website but the list of titles and accomplishments runs considerably deeper so let's give him his due credit and add "DJ, music enthusiast, trail blazer and Norwegian jazz vinyl connoisseur".
Currently celebrating UK Vibe's 25th year - the brand that started as a print publication in January 1993 and boasted interviews with The Roots, Terry Callier and Branford Marsalis to name a few, evolved into an online gateway into incredible contemporary jazz treasures.
With a wealth of DJ and radio experience to his name also, including stints on Metro FM, Power FM and PCRL, we couldn't be happier to boast the talents of Steve Williams as he celebrates the finest modern jazz music with us every month.

Bob Hill
'The Illicit Groove Radio Show' airs every Sunday at 1pm
With regular features, the Amen Corner, The Sunday Afternoon Jump-Up, Back in the Day Belters and the focus on new, recent and future music Bob Hill programmes the show to bring you two hours of #GroovesForTheGlobalLEFTfield.  Exploring Black Music through the prism of the groove rather than genre, tracks are selected and juxtaposed to reflect all that is wonderful, joyous and diverse from a wide range of producers, musicians, composers, vocalists and artists.  'Selecting music for the show is a throwback to my early days of DJing from the late 80s into the 90s when Rare Groove, Acid House, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Acid Jazz, AOR and various fusions would all find their way into my sets', says Bob. 

Sean Sophiea

'Raw Select Music' airs last Monday of the month at 8pm
Part time DJ. Part time record collector. Full time music lover just trying to shed more light on the less recognized, more obscure side of music. Never one to enjoy only one type of music, my interests change like the seasons, shifting from funk and soul, to house and techno, to hip-hop and jazz, to disco and Latin.
The one thing you can expect from my shows is that they're gonna have a little bit of everything on them. Hopefully you enjoy them.

Colin Smith

'Twistedsoul' airs Thursdays at 10pm
Music enthusiast, vinyl addict, sneaker lover, Arsenal supporter and founder of Twistedsoul a popular music blog. Always keeping an open mind to music my show covers many styles from Jazz, Soul, Latin, World, Hip-Hop, and beyond. Always one to seek out the diverse side of dance music and way beyond the mainstream. So dive into my musical headspace, where you'll find simply good music that I hope you’ll enjoy. Keep digging and remember life is too short to listen to bad music, right?

Nigel Gentry

'Music For Modern Living' airs 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am
The Music For Modern Living radio show is hosted by DJ Nigel Gentry. A Funk and Soul DJ originally from the UK now living in Canberra, Australia.
While living in the UK, Nigel hosted the Music for Modern Living Radio show on Radio Wienerwald and also DJ’d at venues across London including Hakkasan, The Pigalle Club and Café ABC in Crystal Palace.  Nigel has masterfully cultivated Music For Modern Living into a trusted and revered brand from his radio show, DJ sets, the MFML website and accompanying guest DJ mix series available on Mixcloud featuring incredible names like Sam Redmore and Anne Frankenstein.

Jason Charles
'Sounds of Deepness' airs 2nd Monday of the month at 10pm
Broadcasting from New York City, the DJ and broadcaster has cultivated an incredible path through extensive live sets and a wealth of radio experience including stints at East Village Radio and guest spots at New York's WBAI-FM and Portland's WMPG.  As founder of the podcast network, JasonCharles.Net, Jason has championed a host of music, arts and lifestyle shows that cultivate thoughts and ideas from across the world. Sounds of Deepness showcases Jason's indelible affections and perspectives for vintage and modern rare soul, funk, disco, jazz-fusion, afrobeat and boogie grooves and has found a very appreciative home with us.

Carl Edwin Jones

'What Samples?' airs Sundays at 10pm
‘What Samples?’ sees Carl explore the connections between hip-hop classics and the original compositions that birthed them as he weaves between music of varying genres masterfully demonstrating the commonalities between each as part of Blue-in-Green:RADIO's 90s State of Mind shows on Sunday nights.  An incredibly knowledgeable DJ and able to cater to fans of old-school 90s hip-hop, classic soul or disco.

Imran Mirza 

'GetToKnow...' airs every Monday at 6pm & 7pm
'Nu-Skool Soul' airs every Tuesday at 6pm
'Blue-in-Green Sessions' airs every Wednesday at 7pm
Albert Einstein said "If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.  I often think in music.  I live my daydreams in music.  I see my life in terms of music."
Let's just say, I'm not a physicist but I can relate.
I love the discovery of something I've never heard before and I love sharing that feeling with like-minded people who will hopefully embrace the music in the same way.
I've presented on several different stations over the course of nearly 15 years and long worn the tag of "the alternative one" which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing but while I've struggled to fit in elsewhere, on Blue-in-Green:RADIO, I'm home.



Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz and funk played throughout the night with archive shows running at 2am
7-9am: The Blue-in-Green Sessions (rerun from the previous Wednesday)
9-11am: Futuristica Radio (rerun from the previous Thursday)
11am-1pm: Twistedsoul Presents... guest mix series (rerun from previous Monday)
1-2pm: FunkOn/WaxOff (rerun from the previous Wednesday)
2-3pm: from here to there (rerun from the previous Thursday)
3-5pm: UK Vibe (rerun from previous Thursday)
5-6pm: Ride The Vibe
6-7pm: GetToKnow...
7-8pm: GetToKnow...
8-10pm: Twistedsoul Presents... guest mix series
10pm: UK Vibe bonus mix


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz, funk and nu-soul played throughout the night with archive shows
7-9am: The Illicit Grooves Radio Show (rerun from the previous Sunday)
9-11am: UK Vibe (rerun from previous Thursday)
11am-1pm: VEE'Z JOINT (rerun from the previous Wednesday)
1-3pm: The Blue-in-Green Sessions (rerun from the previous Wednesday)
3-5pm: Futuristica Radio (rerun from the previous Thursday)
5-6pm: Super Sonido Show
6-8pm: Nu-Skool Soul
8-9pm: The Blue-in-Green Sessions Aftershow
9-10pm: Yve's Joy (& Jazz)
10-11pm: Frequency Liberated
11pm-midnight: Contemporary Eye (rerun from Friday)


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz, funk and nu-soul played throughout the night
7-8am: GetToKnow... (rerun from Monday)
8-9am: GetToKnow... (rerun from Monday)
9-10am: Yve's Joy (& Jazz) (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
10-11am: Liberation's Frequency
11am-1pm: Cosmic Radio (rerun from previous Wednesday)
1-3pm: Nu-Skool Soul (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
3-4pm: The Blue-in-Green Sessions Aftershow (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
4-5pm: Super Sonido Show (rerun from the previous Tuesday)
5-7pm: VEE'Z JOINT
7-9pm: The Blue-in-Green Sessions
9-10pm: Funk-On-Waxx-Off
10pm-midnight: Cosmic Radio


Midnight-7am: Soul, jazz, funk and nu-soul played throughout the night with archive shows
7-9am: I-N-F-O-C-U-S (rerun from previous Saturday)
9-11am: 4 Corners (rerun from previous Saturday)
11am-12pm: Liberation's Frequency
12-1pm: Contemporary Eye (rerun from previous Friday)
1-2pm: GetToKnow... (rerun from previous Monday)
2-3pm: GetToKnow... (rerun from previous Monday)
3-4pm: Ride The Vibe (rerun from previous Monday)
4-5pm: from here to there
5-7pm: Futuristica Radio
7-10pm: UK Vibe
10-11pm: Twistedsoul
11pm-1am: The Illicit Grooves Radio Show (rerun from Sunday)


1am-7am: Soul, jazz and funk played throughout the night with archive shows
7-9am: Nu-Skool Soul (rerun from Tuesday)
9-10am: The Blue-in-Green Sessions Aftershow (rerun from Tuesday)
10-12pm: Twistedsoul Presents... guest mix series (rerun from Monday)
12-1pm: Super Sonido Show (rerun from Tuesday)
1-2pm: Twistedsoul (rerun from the previous Thursday)
2-3pm: Yve's Joy (& Jazz) (rerun from Tuesday)
3-4pm: Frequency Liberated (rerun from Tuesday)
4-5pm: What Samples? (rerun from previous Sunday)
5-6pm: The Electric Soul Show
6-7pm: Contemporary Eye


10am: Music For Modern Living
5pm: New Perspectives in Jazz
7pm: I-N-F-O-C-U-S
9pm: 4 Corners


1pm: The Illicit Grooves Radio show

Every Sunday from 5pm sees us celebrate the decade that gave us the best of R&B and hip-hop, headed up by our three-hour all-music tribute...
5pm: Two doses of The30minuteMix [THE SHOW]
6pm: "90 in the Red" (celebrating 90's hip-hop) [THE AFTERPARTY]
7pm: "the90sr&bMixtape" (the slow jams hour) [THE HOTEL]
8pm: "90s State of Mind" - our 90s sessions conclude with a lengthy showcase of a specific 90s artist/label/collective as we take an extensive trawl through their catalogues.
10pm: 'What Samples?' (w/Carl Edwin Jones


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  1. Hello!

    New digital release on AMTY Records May 25 2018: A Little Togetherness by the 12-piece Northern Soul orchestra That Driving Beat from Stockholm, Sweden.

    The band’s previous releases have received quite a lot of blog/radio attention, including Mean Man getting a spin on Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC in 2016, and now they’re back with a digital single called “Get Together with That Driving Beat”. The vinyl 7” version is due for release on August 31, 2018.

    A Little Togetherness features a soulful arrangement and extraordinary vocals from Ulrika Orre (known for her superb singing on TDB’s version of Billy Keene’s Northern Soul classic Wishing And Hoping.

    Hope you will enjoy the music (see links below) and feel free to ask for mp3’s or lossless file if you’d like to include our music in your schedule.

    All the best & Keep the faith!

    /Mikael Ledin


    Youtube (A Little Togetherness):

    Youtube (People, Get It Together):

  2. Sonny Greenwich Jr and David Binney, BOOM!

  3. Have you got an email address I can contact you at, I have several questions. Many thanks.