Thursday 4 July 2013

5th July 2013

There is only one recipe - to care a great deal for the cookery (c) Henry James
What a great quote.  It’s what it’s all about – it’s the reason this blog exists, it’s the reason the Blue-in-Green Sessions exists, and I’m always really appreciative to be surrounded by people – particularly at Starpoint – that love the ‘cookery’.

Regular listeners to the show will know that Starpoint is in the midst of a studio shift, and although the station is still airing, live shows have been put on hold until we’re completely up and running again.  For last week’s show, I managed to put together a pre-recorded vocal-less show of just choooons – it’s made me want to try and embrace podcasts for the site as I thought it went really well.  Here’s the playlist for the show that went out last Sunday and there’ll be another scheduled for this Sunday morning.

Hour #1
‘Music is My Sanctuary’ - Gary Bartz
‘Crown Royal [Simon S Remix] – Jill Scott
‘Trouble’ [Oh No Remix] – Jose James
‘Play This Song’ – Domu & Pete Simpson
‘Dance’ – Larry Gold f/t Gerald Levert
‘Keep Your Head Up’ – Ronny Jordan f/t Fay Simpson
‘Earth Song’ – Erykah Badu
‘Sunshine’ [Ezel Remix] – Gabriele Poso f/t Tanya Michelle
‘Didn’t I’ – Darondo
‘Honey Dove’ [‘Problems’ Album Mix] – Lee Fields
‘Ain’t Got Time For Nuthin’ – The Futures
‘Luxury: Cococure’ – Maxwell
‘Munich’ – Corinne Bailey Rae

Hour #2
‘Show Us How You Fly’ – DJ Spinna
‘Always There’ – Nigel Hall
‘Ghana’ – Nicola Conte f/t Gregory Porter
‘The Crossing’ – Menahan Street Band
‘A Brighter Day’ – Ronny Jordan f/t Stephanie McKay
‘Storm Music’ – Gil Scott-Heron
‘Can’t Hide Love’ – Carmen McRae
‘Let’s Straighten It Out’ – Tre Williams & The Revelations
‘Cute As A Button’ – JR Bailey
‘Feel That You’re Feelin’ [live] – Frankie Beverley & Maze
‘One Day’ – Kings Go Forth

I’m currently in the midst of one of the biggest creative highs of my life and I’m trying to ride this wave until the sun goes down, which I hope isn’t too soon…  I think in my first ever post on this blog, I talked a little about Liberation Frequency, which is where version 1.0 of this blog stemmed from – this site was partly started as our intention was to let LF sail off into the sunset, but that didn’t happen.  It lives.  And it’s housing my inner (non-music related) geek in ways like never before.  It’s a scary place over there so be warned should you feel brave enough to click over :)

Also, huge shout-out to Sy Smith for the interview we’ve just featured – she’s such an incredible talent with such an inspiring work ethic [I think she’s had a bigger effect on me than I first realised!].

Next up on the interview front is 8th Grader, and we’ll reveal that article within around 7 days from now.

Finally, we have a few new purchases to let you know about as well, which I’ll aim to post up soon, but in the meantime, here’s something awesome to make you smile!

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