Monday 8 July 2013

'Soul Intoxication' by Basement Freaks [single review]

July 2013.  Everything is beautifully falling into place.  London’s gleefully finding itself bathed in a blisteringly hot summer sun – it’s the type of summer adequately filled with smoky BBQs, freshly-cleaned cars crammed with friends, and late nights dancing into the early hours.  We’re missing just one thing – the one thing to make all of our summers ten times better – and that’s some pretty awesome music!

To our rescue however… Basement Freaks.  Fresh from the brand-new album release, ‘Funk From The Trunk’, newly available on Jalapeno Records, we’re celebrating the album’s current single, ‘Soul Intoxication’.  DJ and producer, George Fotiadis, delivers a summer standout on the group’s sophomore release, which now includes vocalist Georges Perin as an officially active member of the Freaks, and doing a wonderful job of taking their brand of electro funk to new P-Funkesque stratospheres, as particularly evident in the following gem.

For further treasures, be sure to check for the remixes by Skaggs, Lonely Boy and Tom Drummond.

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