Thursday 27 February 2014

The Blue-In-Green Sessions: 26th January 2014 [live]

I sure am loving SoundCloud!   Happy that the 'Get to Know' series has been somewhat consistent over the last few months which I don't mind interrupting a little to be able to throw up a live recording of a very recent show which aired live from Starpoint Radio - I don't get to get my hands on too many of these so always happy when I'm able to secure one.  There's a distinct R&B-y vibe throughout this show with a decent of mix of new and old here (hmm, not as much 'old' now I think about it so apologies there!), but while the show pays tribute to the late & brilliantly great Ronny Jordan, we also offer up an alternative to Robin Thicke's stripy suit, Miley Cyrus gyrating, 'Blurred Lines' pandemic to revisit his earlier work, treat you to a few remixes, and a couple of brand-spanking new numbers by Amp Fiddler and Ed Meme.  'You For Me and Me For You' by The Right Track is about as good a song as I can play too!

Before we get straight to that though, I did mention the 'Get to Know' series earlier and, as a major tease for the next episode due in about 3 or 4 weeks time, the focus will either be on Questlove or Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.  I'm fairly confident the Questlove one will knock your socks off though as you have no idea the amount of treats I have ready to unleash for that one :)

The tracklist for the 26th January's live broadcast is below, as is the SoundCloud link and player so listen/favourite/download at your pleasure:
'Enhorabuena' - Eric Krasno
'Heartburn' - Alicia Keys
'A Brighter Day' [DJ Spinna Remix] - Ronny Jordan f/t Mos Def & Stephanie McKay
'Loving You' - Larry Gold f/t Carol Riddick
'To The Sky' - Robin Thicke
'Getting Late' - Floetry
'For You' - Jack Herrera
'Code' - Jose James
'Waiting For Your Touch' [Domu Remix] - Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra
'Are You Ready?' [Discomix] - Mr Comicstore f/t Nicole Willis
'More Than' - Amp Fiddler
'You For Me and Me For You' - The Right Track
'Burning Bridges' - Remy Shand
'Oh Yes I Will' - Ed Meme f/t Myles Sanko
'Love You For Now On' - Portrait

AlbumOfTheWeek: 'Superconductor' by Andy Allo

2from1 @ 9: Cee Lo

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