Tuesday 4 February 2014

'Basementality 2' EP by Amp Fiddler

Too long.  Too, too long.  But I’m finally able to yell “New Amp! New Amp!” from the rooftops.

Hopefully serving as a pre-cursor to a soon-to-follow full-length LP release (sorry, I’m clearly never satisfied :)), Amp Fiddler unveils his new EP with six quintessentially Amp Fiddler tracks, each boasting his inimitable blend of funky – and at times house-infused – R&B/soul.  The set features a Daniel Crawford remix of ‘Hold On’, and joining Fiddler on ‘Take It’ is Raphael Saadiq on vocal duties – a song that serves to further their already excellent track record of collaborations (Saadiq having played keyboards on Fiddler’s, ‘Superficial’, and produced ‘Faith’ from his sophomore effort, and Amp returning the favour with his contribution to Saadiq’s ‘Stone Rollin’ album).

On sale at Bandcamp for the ridiculously cheap price of $6 (that’s £3.47 for you good UK folks), it’d be rude not to pick this up.

Basementality 2 tracklist:
Take It (f/t Raphael Saadiq)
Hold On 'Extended Remix]
Hold On [Daniel Crawford Remix]
More Than
 …Furthering the new tracks by Amp Fiddler, before I heard the new EP was available to buy just from Bandcamp, I looked for it on iTunes and found a treasure trove of Amp music I didn’t even know existed.  There’s lots more available but currently added to my collection are the following:

‘Faith’ [Jazzanova Remix]
‘If I Don’t’ (f/t Corinne Bailey Rae) [Taylor McFerrin Remix]
‘Dreamin’ [Ali Shaheed Muhammed Remix]

Also, there’s an EP by Anetria Wright from 2006 which features two remixes from Fiddler.  If the voice sounds somewhat familiar when you hear it, it’s because you can hear her singing background vocals on ‘Waltz of a Ghetto Fly’ and ‘Afro Strut’.  It’s a shame nothing else exists from her beyond this EP but it’s still worth your time in having.

So now I'm screaming "Old Amp! Old Amp!" as well as "New!"

The Basementaility 2 EP can be found from Bandcamp (link below) while the other mentioned songs can be found on iTunes.

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