Friday 24 January 2014

Blue-in-Green Podcast #4: GetToKnow_James Poyser

The waiting list of producers I'm hoping to cover is getting longer the more I think about it but for Episode 4, I've gone with a man who has had a huge impact on me and the music I listen to, and that's James Poyser - a man whose musical output has been largely responsible for rejuvinating a contempory soul music scene, particularly in the neo-soul hot-bed of talent that is Philadelphia.

Probably the hardest one of these shows to put together, due to the vastness of the man's catalogue, but I'm pretty sure we have a good selection for you guys to delve into.  Proper fans may notice the absence of Randy Watson co-hort, Questlove, but I've tried to separate their music specifically for (a) Questlove's own mix (coming in February or March), (b) for a joint show featuing some of their standout collaborations.

Feel free to listen/download/share/critique/etc below:
'What More Do You Want From Me?' - Al Green
'Everybody' - Anthony Hamilton
'Realove' - Musiq
'Another Great Love Gone By' - Vikter Duplaix f/t Esthero
'Talk To Me' - Jill Scott
'Juicy' - The RH Factor
'When You Think Of Me' - Eric Benet f/t Roy Ayers
'Keep Your Head Up' - Ronny Jordan f/t Fay Simpson
'Red' - Daniel Merriweather
'Cry Baby' - Nikka Costa
'Green Eyes' - Erykah Badu

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