Tuesday 7 April 2015

'Soul Power' by Curtis Harding [Album review]

Curtis Harding.  If there’s any justice in the world, this is the new name in soul music that will eventually be on everybody’s lips.

An exceptional talent, now, with an exceptional debut album under his belt, ‘Soul Power’ not only boasts an impressive lead vocal, but also introduces us to Curtis Harding the writer, Curtis Harding the producer, Curtis Harding the instrumentalist, etc, etc.  The Atlanta-born artist, whose musical repertoire includes forays within hip-hop and rock, masterfully infuses these elements into his blend of soul music, with perfect tinges of rock, blues and country, in much the same way Lee Fields did in last year’s exceptional release ‘Emma Jean’ (not so much with the rock in his case).

Rest assured though, ‘Soul Power’ is a soul music release through and through – that type of pure and ethereal soul music you may have thought they didn’t actually make nowadays.  Twelve tracks over 41 minutes, not a second is wasted here with stand-out songs including ‘Freedom’, ‘Heaven’s On The Other Side’, 'Keep On Shining', 'Beautiful People' and ‘Next Time’ but trust that there are zero missteps here.

This blog exists for die-hard soul music enthusiasts who crave that new sound, that new artist that stops them in their tracks and makes them re-evaluate the music they’ve been listening to.  Friends, ‘Soul Power’ is that new release.

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