Thursday 30 April 2015

Presenting... "Jazz del Mundo"

Probably my most ambitious music-only mix, I've compiled contemporary jazz music from all 4 corners of the world amassing a rich and diverse selection that you'll hopefully enjoy and feel compelled to tell a friend, to tell a friend...

Full tracklist below and feel free to visit our Soundcloud page for more mixes and podcasts...
(Blue in Green Sessions intro)
SWEDEN; 'Come to Me' - Koop f/t Yukumi Nagano
(Interlude 1: 'Warning', David Axelrod)
JAPAN; 'Sangyo Kakume' - J.A.M.
(Interlude 2: Reggie Watts)
BRAZIL; 'Berimbeau' - Diego Figueiredo
UK; 'Mama Done' - Zara Mcfarlane
(Interlude 3: 'The Originator', DJ Spinna)
(Interlude 4: 'Where's The Tower', Jake Long)
FINLAND; 'Easy Digging' - The Five Corners Quintet
THE NETHERLANDS; 'Perfect Stranger' - Seravince f/t Renee Neufville
(Interlude 5: 'New Reality Style', Guru)
(Interlude 6: '3clapio', Jake Long)
FRANCE; 'Zap Carniverous' - The Rongetz Foundation f/t Saunders Sermons
(Interlude 7: 'Time', 4 Hero & Ursula Rucker)
USA; 'Solid' - Soulive
MEXICO; 'They Came' - Arturo O'Farrill
'Quiet Nights' (IMS Mashed Mix III) - [re:jazz], J.A.M. & Five Corners Quintet
ITALY; 'Ocean Park' - Gabriele Poso
(Interlude 8: Gizmo)
CUBA; 'Ai No Carrida' - Buena Vista Social Club
(Interlude 9: "No free samples")
SENEGAL; 'Togna' - Ablaye Cissoko
(Outro: 'John', Jake Long)

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