Friday 8 May 2015

"Generations of Soul"

I've been meaning to post these videos up for some time now...  Over a series of fairly short snippets - involving Lee Fields, BJ The Chicago Kid and Raphael Saadiq, the three generations of soul artists discuss what the music means to each of them.

The videos are in fact very short, average about 2mins30secs so if you're a fan of each of them - or even if you're just a fan of soul music - it's worth your time to hear them discuss the euphoria they feel about live performaces and their interpretation of 'soul' music. 

Raphael Saadiq's impact on this site's very existence has been talked about enough (we made two podcasts about him even) but the final video clip below demonstrates why Lee Fields is in fact the greatest soul vocalist performing today: the clip features an incredible performance of 'Don't Leave Me This Way' from 2014's 'Emma Jean' (purchase it immediately friends) and effortlessly proves the point.  Enjoy.

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