Wednesday 17 June 2015

'Born In Black & White' [Limited Edition CD] by Myles Sanko

We do love a bit of Myles Sanko - an incredible torchbearer for a new generation of soul music: his is an inimitable style paired with a relentless work ethic so as with any Myles Sanko post I make, I continue to urge listeners to get on the train. 

Currently touring his 2014 album release 'Forever Dreaming' (on Legere Recordings), Sanko has now paid the due respect to his earlier digital-only release, 'Born In Black & White', by releasing a CD version for the die-hards among us.  The CD version features two live recordings from Denmark plus an unreleased acoustic 'Rhodes & Vocal' demo recorded in 2010.  The inlay card also features images from the live session too.  If you're lucky... and I mean SUPER lucky... your CD will be signed as well :)

'Born In Black & White' is genuinely blissful summer soul so get your copy ASAP from


1. High On You
2. So Hard To Stop
3. Distant From You
4. Come On Home
5. Don't Let Me Down
6. Goodbye Lady Goodbye
7. Sea Of Fire
8. Save My Soul (Live)
9. Come On Home (Live)
10. City To Crumble (Original Demo)

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