Wednesday 21 September 2016

5 Songs About: Record Kicks (Italian funk-soul record label)

'Waiting So Long' by Nick Pride & The Pimptones featuring Jess Roberts 
The album this song comes from ('Midnight Feast of Jazz') had a lot of songs to pick from but 'Waiting So Long' probably worked as the best introduction to the Sheffield-based funk and soul outfit.  Nick Pride told us a little about working with vocalist, Jess Roberts:
Jess Roberts is from the North East too but moved to London and is doing really well now.  She asked The Pimptones to be her backing band on some recordings recently so I said how’s about if you sing a Pimps’ track in return.  This was the track which really got us noticed, Jess is great to work with and she did an incredible job on that song.

'Work it out' by Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers
'A Hill of Feathers' is nothing short of a gem of an album and picking just one song seems something of a disservice to the project.  Filled with soul-drenched and string-filled ballads, Hannah Williams brings an aching authenticity to a beautiful backdrop painted by The Tastemakers.

'Give Me One More Chance' [Lack of Afro Remix] by The Diplomats of Solid Sound 
Lack of Afro remixes are typically beautiful things but he may very well have outdid himself on this one.  This mix was something of an exclusive to the Record Kicks compilation 'Mo Record Kicks Act 2', curated by Smoove from Jalapeno Records' Smoove & Turrell.

'Snap Back' by The Baker Brothers
The Baker Brothers are truly an iconic funk and soul outfit for the UK to be proud of.  This pick from the band's seventh album ('Time to Testify') comes courtesy of bass player, producer and band vocalist, Chris Pedley:
I would recommend they listen to ‘Snap Back’ from ‘Time to Testify’ (our latest album) as this song has all the main ingredients of The Baker Brothers: killer horns, riffs and rhythms.

'Rags to Riches' by The Liberators 
The 10-track debut album from Australian afrobeat and funk band, The Liberators, boasted this number as their lead single.  Percussionist and guitarist for the band, Nathan Aust, took some time to tell us a little about the making of the video:
The idea came from Bari sax play Andrew and his then house mates, the guys at Don't Look Back Pictures.  I'm guessing it was conceived during a late-night poker session.  I had no involvement in the shooting of the clip as my wife was having our second child at the time but I heard it was fun but hard work.  We had a lot of support from the actors.  I did the intro music in my kitchen.

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