Monday 5 September 2016

What I'm listening to... (September 2016)

'Like You Me' by Alecia Chakour
I’ve been seeing this name surface a lot recently – Chakour’s appeared as a guest vocalist on Nigel Hall’s album last year (‘Ladies and Gentlemen...’), Lettuce’s album ‘Crush’ and Eric Krasno’s recently released ‘Blood From a Stone’.  So, she’s a new vocalist? Not at all, Chakour’s been around for years as her 2010 digital release ‘Loomi’ indicates.

'Let Me Be Me' by Nite-Funk
Here’s an excellent number from the four-track EP ‘Nite-Funk’ by Nite-Funk: the group is comprised of Nite Jewel on vocals and Dam-Funk on production.  The charm of this one lies in the 1980s-inspired backdrop – reminiscent of those soundscapes infamously laid out by Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam.

‘Seamonster’ by The Steve McQueens
A quirky and eclectic soul band from Singapore called The Steve McQueens.  Let every part of that sentence sink in for a moment.  Now listen to the title track from their debut album and tell me you’re not now hooked...

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